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PM Essence
2 Milli Gram Knowledge or the 2 minute Googlers
 - Ananth

2 mG; 2 Milli Gram Knowledged people or the 2 minute Googlers is what we get in the industry today, not many seem to be taking interest to study a subject in depth and detail.


There was point in time and not too long ago where in people used to get in to an enterprise and probably serve their life in it. In a good span of time, they were subject matter experts and were excelling in the same. People took pride in their job and they had the same commitment towards the work and work place as that of their family.



There was also a point in time where the people visited the libraries and invested money on books to gain knowledge, people invested time to visit the scholars and learned people.


They all led a peaceful life, they all had their share of time for their family and work, they worked on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays or probably worked in grave yard shifts but then no cribs or complain; but for a standard shift allowance at the most.


The end of the 20th century saw a sea change in this and by the time 21st century dawned we had the 2 minute googlers. People who browsed for 2 minutes and felt that they were experienced to debate, discuss and perform at par what a 15 years experience would do.


Everything has been fast tracked.

Recently, I heard an individual, arguing with an experienced surgeon on a surgery that was conducted on one of his relatives, when confronted he said he read it in the internet and he had knowledge in it; the surgeon patiently explained in detail and put him in his perspective. Half educated information is dangerous but then this 2 minute knowledge gain over the internet without a deeper research is catastrophic; no education and no knowledge is probably better than the 2 minute internet search.

I have been interviewing people for a good amount of time now, I can hear one line as common from most majority; “I will google and find the solution”. Well nothing wrong, but look at the flip side, people have stopped reading books, asking their peers, people have stopped digging/probing/researching deeper in to the issues, a superficial solution available over the internet makes them happy/content/satisfied.


Is Google the culprit? Is internet the culprit? Certainly NOT!


It is the mind set change in the 21st century. People have become sluggish, lack thinking capabilities and have become more materialistic. Taking onus, resolving the deeper issues, bring up risks, come up with smarter solutions are all bygone. Now we need 2 minute solutions; there's nothing wrong in seeking solutions within 2 minutes; however people have failed to understand that this solution which comes in 2 minutes comes because of years and decades of hard work.

A university graduate who is starting his professional wants to become a manger to start with; at 3 years of experience an individual wants to be a senior engineer, not many wants to get in to research field, there's a mad rush at the lucrative offers by some of the big corporates in the name of programming/developing; the 2 minute googlers are on the rise no doubt, lack of maturity, lack of guidance, the not so judicious, materialistic interests have all have stemmed it.


I was addressing a gathering of mid level experienced youngsters who had just joined a company. Majority of them quoted Bosses and Money as the reason for leaving the work place and few extended stating I just got 10% hike.


I countered them stating please jot down 10 value adds that YOU brought in to your work, your company, and yourself in the last one year or between the two appraisal cycles. If you have these 10 items listed you are worth perhaps a little beyond the hike you got. I extended myself in explaining the rationale behind a longer stay at work place and building a career than jump at an additional rupee hike.


As Project Managers; I feel we have the social responsibility of addressing these kind of issues and make people understand the importance of building a career than settle for short term gains which eventually would leave them stranded in the long run.


Use the 2 min googling/surfing for only a superficial insight. However, probe, dig and research a subject and or a topic be a Subject Matter Expert, build a good CAREER by investing time on studying and gaining knowledge over a good period of time, build a good Personality by acquiring the wealth of knowledge. Have a good life!!!