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PM Essence
PMPC 2013

Capt. L. N. Prasad, PMI Bangalore India Chapter
Like every year, two very popular pre conference events, PM Primer and PM Special Sessions, heralded the arrival of PMPC 2013.

PM Primer program offered basic project management knowledge to college students. It was attended by a record number of 600+ students from 22 colleges. Lt. Col. (Retd.) L. Shri Harsha, PMP, PgMP explained the key aspects on Initiation and Planning process of project management citing very captivating example while Mr. Binod Maliel, PMP delivered the key essence of Execution, Monitoring and Closing phases of project management by engaging the students with some interactive activities. It was a four hours of power packed session with immense take away for the students. The event was organized in a systematic way with very good examples that connected well with the students.

One of the students from NMIT had this to say after the session, “To be frank, I did not know or hear about Project Management before. But, I learnt few things before departing from here which will help plan my career and success”.
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The two pre conference sessions were equally enlightening.

1. Arbinger Technologies delivered a talk on “The Deeper issues” that hurt Leadership, Collaboration and Project Management and explained a framework that can be used by people to evaluate their behavior and attitudes under different scenarios leading to increase in personal effectiveness and business results.


2. Oracle Primavera made a presentation on “Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM): Driving Business Transformation Success”. Using real life examples they showed how executive can benefit from EPPM solutions to easily review and gain insights into all aspects of their project portfolio.

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PMPC 2013 was inaugurated on the evening of 12th September. Mr. Alok Ohrie, President and MD, Dell India, Mr. Gopinathan Padmanabhan, Executive VP and Head of Global Delivery, Mphasis, Mr. Mallikarjuna Swamy, Executive Director, HAL, Mr. Raj Kalady, MD, PMI India and Mr. B. G. Jayaram, President, PMI Bangalore Chapter, lighted the traditional lamp to give an auspicious start to the event. Mr. Vijay Paul, Director, Volunteering, made the introductory speech to the delegates of PMPC 2013. In his inaugural address, Mr. Ohrie started by appreciating PMI Bangalore Chapter on the work they are doing to promote project management. He gave insights on Business Transformation at Dell. He explained how Dell successfully segmented the supply chain, (e.g. build to order, build to stock and build to plan) to manage the change in the external environment. He reiterated the need to manage change to catalyze business transformation.

Mr. Gopinathan presented the plenary session on project management transformation to drive business transformation. He explained customers and business uses multiple levers to drive business transformation. Some of the levers are future proof strategy, efficient organization structure, path breaking product and services, streamlined processes, shorter time to market, reduced cost of operations,skilled work force, enhanced work force and enhanced customer satisfaction. He said project managers should deliver beyond SLA despite the constant challenge to cut cost.

He highlighted “Finitiative" or getting things finished is equally important as taking Initiative and reinforced that while we should not forget the basics, we need to learn how to adapt our skills to the environment in which we are operating.

The day one ended with a lilting and heart throbbing musical band performance by MEG group and followed by a Grand dinner where people freely networked with each other.


On day two of PMPC 2013, Prof. Anil Gupta, IIM-A, Executive Vice Chair, National Innovation Foundation and Founder, Honey Bee Network, started by explaining that learning conjoins with society and sharing. He said that conventional scientific approaches practiced by project managers today has become lesser relevant. The reasons may be attributed to lack of creativity and innovation at the grass root level.

One of the very inspiring sessions on the second day of the conference was 'You Turn India' by Sri D. K. Hari and Smt. D. K. Hema Hari. True to the theme of the conference on Transformation, they laid out a strong case for 'Prosperity of the Nation' itself as a Transformational goal. Armed with a decade of research on history of India and published statistics, the duo drove home the point that India has seen three waves of being plundered off its prosperity across the centuries either through Invaders, Colonizers or through Corrupt Politicians.
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Mr. S. K. Sharma, Director Bangalore Complex, BEL, shared his practical experiences in addressing the challenges in handling large technologically complex projects and the best practices being followed at BEL.
The delegates were also exposed to project management flavor from the NGO sector, by Ms. Nisha Agarwal, CEO Oxfam India. She presented an inspiring talk on Fighting Poverty and Injustice at the grass root level. she explained how they are collaborating with ground level NGO's to address social issues related to the marginalized class. She explained how Oxfam helped people recover from the disaster caused by the natural calamity due to recent cloud burst event in Uttarakhand.

The afternoon session was made lively by Mr. S. Mallikarjuna Swamy, ED, HAL and Mr. S. Krishna Kumar, DGM, HAL. They talked about various aspects of technical and project management during the implementation of HJT36 multi cockpit jet trainer. He explained that the aircraft, being a complex product, needs 20-25 disciplines of engineering. This imposes a challenge on project managers who have to deal with a multitude of functions with often conflicting requirements. Every design needs to have a mockup so that design and quality issues could be anticipated much before the actual development happens.

Mr. R. Balasubramanian, Operations Manager, Kentz Engg threw light on the global centralized procurement, the processes, benefits and approaches that can be followed in large scale Engineering Procurement and Contractual projects.

The day two concluded with a vibrant presentation by Mr. V. Ravichandar, Chairman, Feedback Consulting. He took very nice examples of how they are addressing issues related to garbage collection, road issues and traffic by collaborating with Government officials of Bangalore. He stroked a chord with all participants when he said “Hum do Humare do” is now equivalent to “Wet collection and Dry collection” in the recently implemented garbage segregation policy of BBMP.

He explained the challenges in moving the needle on government project and said it is often going north via north east. Directionally we need to go the right way, but the path may not be straight when we work with government officials. He explained the need to create roads that need to be designed for pedestrians. Taking a long term view (of 25 years) for urban planning is a worthwhile proposition that the government should seriously consider. It may need intensive upfront capital cost, but the IRR generated from such project will be significantly greater.

One of the other highlights of PMPC 2013 were the six PM Poster Sessions on day two. Poster presenters were able to explain their thought through  posters at the kiosk.
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