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PM Essence
PMPC 2014

Capt. L. N. Prasad, PMI Bangalore India Chapter
Pre Conference: Special PM Program I
Transformational Leadership
Prof. M. Rammohan Rao, Provost, Woxsen School of Business, started his session with leadership styles and its attributes. He explained many styles like autocratic, paternalistic, Laiseez-faire with practical examples. His quote “if you want to change anything, start a new one” was well received and applauded by the audience. Example of ISB student and his kid attending the class together and kid giving feedback later saying “Class was amazing, they even let students speak” highlighted the autocratic style followed in our schools. Professor's vast experience was a delight to hear along with an inspirational video of Bill and Melinda Gates.
Mr. Venkatesh Chillara, Management Consultant, continued the theme of Transformational Leadership and started his session with inferences of the video and how outsourcing in I T i n d u s t r y w o r k s . H i s embellishment on transformational principles l ike pract ice before teaching and stay hungry connected well with the audience. Example of fisher man hunting for fish and putting innovative idea to serve fresh fish to consumer was great.
Mr. Suresh B Kamath, MD, Patterns Software Design P. Ltd., started the session by putting forward his experience of following his heart and not the crowd by staying in his own country. His explanation on giving back to society from where we gain was remarkable. Practical insights of his RBI project was amazing and audience was overwhelmed with the presentation.
Mr. Kamath's dedication towards his work and practical PM mantra like ‘No PTB’ (Pass the ball & please the boss) principle in his projects was appreciated. His innovative ways and effort to take care of the team under him was amazing. The audience gave standing ovation to him..
mrbhaskar mrbhaskar
Pre Conference: Special PM Program 2
Functional Innovation 
Mr. Lokesh Venkataswamy started his session by a punch line “An innovation begins with creative ideas”. He touched upon how a basic idea takes its shape from its inception till implementation. His views on fundamental truth that only 20% of ideas will take shape but to get that 20% rest 80% are also very important. The vision behind four steps and eleven tools approach was fabulous. Audience enjoyed learning from his practical examples and innovation in areas like dosa making and Silk soya milk. He involved the audience by impromptu case studies on K-café, fan and bicycle.
Leaping from waterfall to agility
Mr. Prashanth Govindan, Director, India Operations, Harman International shared his experience about complex projects and how they can play a role as template for business modeling. His inputs on uniqueness of India as a nation e.g. size, diversity and cost consciousness was enlightening. It was also an endorsement of the Hon’ble PM's ‘Make in India’ campaign, Audience had a very nice time with all the learning and insight given by the speaker.
Mr. Rudresha Shetty, Director of Engineering, Harman International kicked off the agile discussion by involving the audience and asking the reason they had to move to agile. The answers and reasons shared by audience was a real example of how conference can enable knowledge sharing and networking. He also emphasized that the biggest challenge is to build an agile culture. His thought process on triggers like 80-20 rule and degree of uncertainty was well received and appreciated by audience. His explanation on difference between traditional waterfall and new era of agile was great to hear. The participants came to know the challenges involved in migrating to agile.

PMPC 2014 - Inauguration

The Conference started with a devotional song followed by an introductory address by Soumen De, PMO, PMPC 2014. This was followed by Mr. R.S. Sodhi, MD, GCMMF, Amul India, lighting the lamp to start the Conference on an auspicious note.




Inaugural address by Mr. R.S.Sodhi


Mr. R.S. Sodhi, MD, GCMMF, Amul India, with his 32 years' of experience started his session saying Amul business model is C2C i.e. Cow to Consumer. He also explained how growth for Amul is ever green due to the simple fact that this organization is owned by farmers themselves. His statistics that in India 80 to 88 % of revenue from consumer is going to end supplier which is very less in USA and UK. He added saying that India is the largest milk producer and consumer - which makes India a unique market. He concluded with the key takeaway “never to under-estimate the consumer, they are smarter than you.”


Polio Eradication Program & Its Impact


Mr. Deepak Kapur, Chairman, Rotary International India shared his journey of making India Polio free. He explained how the challenges like data forgery, resistance to immunization without other health benefits, de-motivation in the name of religion, red tape bottlenecks had made this journey very difficult.

mrbhaskar mrbhaskar
He explained Rotary's role as catalyst in overcoming these challenges and realizing the dream of polio free nation. He emphasized on the fact that still neighboring countries are not polio free and virus has no wings so it's an on-going struggle till we have a polio free world. The day concluded with fusion music by Pandit Prakash Sontakke and his team. Audience were delighted to note that PMPC first day’s “journey from doodhwala to tabla wala was amazing.”
Unified Data Information Trans-portal
Mr. R. Sri Kumar, Retd. IPS, Founder Trustee, Indian Centre for Social Transformation, s t a r t e d w i t h emphasis on transforming lives theme of PMPC and said that his unified data information Trans–portal for open governance project was well suited for this theme. He shared his experience on how data analytics on portal infer information keeping all consent guidelines intact helps in fighting back. 

He also insisted how Project Management can help in multiple areas of government initiatives such as CWG project was enlightening to audience. He discussed about project CSIR 800 which implies 800 million people are still poor. Mr. Kumar shared how CSIR 800 came into existence and how much thought process has gone into it. He concluded the session by asking what is section 51A and encouraging the audience to be sensitive to the fundamental duties one have as part of Constitution of India.


Challenges in social projects


Mr. Pramod Kulkarni, Founder Prerana and SATHI, started his address explaining two missionary projects.


Prerana helped needy children in their education. Mr. Kulkarni demonstrated how Prerana takes up deserving students and do background verification to make sure only needy children get all required support to study and most importantly to continue it. 

The video presented on his children was emotional and one of the students, Gowri, came on stage and shared her experience. She was over-whelmed while expressing and also mentioned that she has completed her M.Com., with the help of Prerana.
SATHI is another initiative which helps runaway children found mainly in railways stations. Mr. Kulkarni explained how this initiative has helped many children to reunite with their families. SATHI does take these kids into their shelters and counsel them to get their contact details. They also counsel the family so that kids don't try the same thing again. This kind of school of thought simply great and overwhelming.
Change the game: Manage your energy, not your time
Mr. Arun Madhavan, Former Director of Standard Chartered Bank and Founder Trustee of Vyakthi Vikas Kendra, Art of Living, started his session by describing value of time from one year to one second and quoted, “Today we are adding years to life and not life to years”. He emphasized on Socio-emotional and spiritual quotients by giving examples of Kapil Dev, Hansie Cronje and Bill Gates who have seen downs in their life. His energy booster by rhythmic clapping was excellent and well received. He explained that seed has the whole structure, intelligence of how the plant or tree will develop. His true statements like business leaders & managers lose half their health to gain wealth and there after spend half their wealth to regain the lost health were eye opener. He concluded his session with Energy flows where attention goes.
mrbhaskar mrbhaskar
Mr. Nimish Mehta, Director - Technology, PMI Bangalore India Chapter, started the day 3 with his introductory note.
Innovation People Centric Work Practice - Seeding of Happiest Minds and Well Being
Mr. Raja Shanmugam, Co-founder, President & Chief People Officer, Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt. Ltd., started his session by emphasizing on primary goal of today’s smart Organizations.