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PM Essence
It is all About Making Things Happen...

Amar Bhaskar, PMP
I am sure all of you at some point in time have experienced the joy of successful execution. Recall those celebrations when everything fell in place, and at the end everyone said WoW! That was a terrific project!

While we talk about rejoicing when things go well, we also have situations in projects where everyone is waiting for it to get over and heave a sigh of relief when done. I am sure every one of us in this fascinating world of project management professionals will remember our first project when we played the role as a project manager. I remember the nervous feeling I had and the thoughts that kept coming to my mind, I will be held responsible if things don't go well and the first time feeling of loneliness. Some of us are fortunate to have seniors by our side, who keep pushing to go ahead “be bold take the decision we are here to help you get there!” That one sentence is a big influencing factor and creates a positive momentum in the environment good enough to pump up a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm to get you going. You can now ponder over what could make that winning difference.

The most thrilling piece in project manager as we all know: “It is all about making things happen…” If one peels this to know what goes into making things happen, in simple terms it is about meticulous planning and flawless execution. The words planning and execution processes are all known to everybody in this profession and is no big deal for anyone. The key qualifiers in front of those words 'meticulous' and 'flawless' describing how good those processes were deployed in the project make a whole lot of difference. Several great organizations have been successful not just because they had the right strategy; they also had the right level of expertise to plan meticulously and execute flawlessly and get things done way ahead of others. Meticulous planning and flawless execution have good correlation to the level of details and how sound project information management has been deployed for decision support. Here are 3 tips that I learnt from my coach to plan and execute better:

Tip 1: “Poke your plan” to check how robust your plan is. Easier said than done! You need to know where to poke in those weak areas.many times they are left unplanned for want of details. However mark them to subsequently work on detailing them as you progress forward.

Tip 2: “Drive with anticipation” to check on items of uncertainty. There are several things that may not happen as expected and derail your project. Often such items get buried as the project advances and remain latent, only to spring a surpriselater. This is similar to applying the cautious driving techniques when you are climbing up/down winding hill roads.

Tip 3: “Measure from completion” to check on what else needs to be completed. Often we get carried away and measuring all that has been accomplished. Completion of milestones is a good motivating factor in the project environment and should be celebrated. In practice this would help control project better and avoid procrastination.

Implementing these tips in your regular practice would certainly develop your project maneuvering skills to a great extent and help in delivering a much superior project outcome and also enhance your professional excellence in making things happen...