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PM Essence

Miss Management

Member, PMI Bangalore Chapter

An ubiquitous presence seen in almost every office is that of the lady named in the caption, and we thought it our duty to warn the readers of the sinister designs of this deceptively attractive, shy young damsel, who has the looks of an angel - but, let us warn you, dear readers, the heart of a devil. We do not know how she entered the office - possibly she used the proximity of her close relationship with Mr. Management, but the latter is sure some day to rue the moment she set her foot in the office. Though he has not realized it as yet, bowled over as he is by her seductive charms, the fact is that he has not had any happy experience ever since Miss Management stepped in. Though she was not able to do much damage with her close friend Miss Take, she and her gang of other allies consisting of Miss Lead, Miss Information, Miss Direction, Miss Quote and Miss Calculation almost succeeded in getting

Mr. Management to land on the doorstep of Miss Judgement. Fortunately he was saved in time, and her five friends were banished from the office.

However, this was not to last long. Miss Management now introduced to Mr. Management even more dangerous friends Miss Behavior, Miss Conduct, and Miss Deed, who in turn caused him to indulge in Miss Rule, Miss Chance and Miss Adventure as well, with even more disastrous results he ended up courting Miss Hap instead.

We understand that she has her next plan also ready. With the help of another friend Miss Chief, she is reported to be plotting his downfall by bringing Miss Fortune to him.

We would like to save Mr. Management somehow. Any ideas as to how to make him get rid of her say, by getting her married off to someone?

missmgt (Editor's Note: The warning, though received from a source who wanted to remain anonymous, is timely. We must confess we ourselves came very close to falling a prey to the evil designs of this wily young woman who almost succeeded in preventing this exposure of her nefarious activities from appearing in print. She tried to ensure that it was not available when we searched for it we understand that she was aided and abetted in this plan by her first cousin and wilful partner in crime, Miss Placement.)