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PM Essence

New Year Resolution…is it still alive??

By - Sachin Rathi
Let me first wish you all a very Happy New Year!!
We just stepped into 2015 with new set of energy, passion and resolutions. If I can assume so, most of us take one or the other kind of resolution as getting into New Year. These resolutions range from better career, health, finance to family, new relationships and likewise. For me it was to fulfill the resolution I had taken in 2014 but could never act on it. It evaporated so fast that I completely forgot until 2015 came and I committed myself for another one. Ever wondered why it is so? Why do things get lost even though they mean a lot to us? Why don't they stay longer for us to fulfill them?

I tried to find answer to that and here is what I got. We normally fail to keep it alive not nurturing, giving it enough sunlight, manure, water, etc. We don't expose the resolution to our environment which could help it live little longer. We keep it so secret to ourselves that it dies of suffocation just as easily as we find excuses and fool ourselves to go away from it. Most of us including myself, take these (resolutions) as a tradition, a colonial symptom to be comparative with our friends and family. One way I support as this at least makes us commit to something good (though it's a subset of tradition). We fail to talk more & often about it to our friends/family and colleagues. We get scared of what people would think if I am not able to keep up to it. Truly speaking these folks only will help us get back to it when we get break or deviate our resolutions or goals. Making it loud and making it public in my view will help in getting resolution turn into action.
Below are steps which are inspired by PM principles - you can try these and it might just work for you and change the way we ever looked at our resolutions
1. Enroll as many people as you can (considering them just like your critical stakeholders) who will endorse your resolution
2. Plan an action list towards fulfilling it
3. Share it with the above people and seek their feedback
4. Keep updating them on your progress like status updates
5. Continuously scan for deviations or temporary setbacks and share that with them well with people
6. Convert breakdown (or temporary setbacks) into breakthrough by not turning down the resolution but attacking it with much more vigor for one more time
7. Stay focused and do not worry about the failures
8. And finally have self-confident by convincing yourself that the goal is achievable and you have a solid plan to achieve that.
My additional resolution this year is to get 6 packs by 17th October. Right now I weigh above 85 kg and have good amount of flab around my waist line. I enrolled the whole set of people into this and I am pretty much on the track. I am not worried about the outcome but I am pretty sure at the end of day I won't fail. Keep writing back folks to check in with me on my resolution and create one for you NOW and share it with maximum.
You might think as well what Project Management (PM) has to do with it? You won't believe but one of my friends made a resolution to lose 35 kg and he was able to achieve it by embracing PM techniques. While talking to him recently, he shared that weight loss was a “project” for him and it was systematically driven using his PM skills.
The point of highlighting this here is I want each of us to consider that PM principles and tools have a great potential to realize your New Year resolutions. PM principles, if understood well, can be applied to our daily personal life as well. I am not PMP certified yet, I only finished my PMP training but such PM principles has encouraged me take this challenge to help me realize my New Year resolution. Hope to share with you later this year on my experience on Project Management way of achieving my New Year Resolution.