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PM Essence
KartikayenKarthikeyan Paalankishe, PMP
Karthikeyan Paalankishe is presently working as Program Manager, India at Lifesize Communications. He has been associated with the PMI Bangalore India Chapter as a volunteer since April 2009. He has been taking increasing responsibility and currently involved end to end in one of the Flagship events of the chapter which is PM Footprints. Karthikeyan has also contributed during the Project Management Conference. He has got various awards from the Chapter for his volunteering contributions. Some of the recognitions are Champions award for the contribution for the PMPC-2011, Gold Star award for Volunteering the year 2011-2012. He holds a Bachelors in Engineering along with an MBA and is a PMP credential holder since 2008.

Roughly how many hours per week do you typically spend for PM volunteering?
About 1000 hours from 2011 till date.
About two hours a week to sometimes 8 hours on the weekend.

What motivates you to volunteer for PMI?

It gives me an opportunity to network and learn from fellow project practitioners. It gives me a sense of satisfaction of doing something different from the regular office work and gives me the opportunity to give back to the project management community.

What is the hardest thing about doing volunteer work?

The hardest thing at times is to juggle between my commitments be it personal or official and finding time for the volunteering work.

PMI Volunteering, Professional commitment, Personal commitment -How do you balance the three?

I prioritize things on a daily basis and spend time based on the priority and urgency. I strongly advocate the fact that all the three are essential for an overall grooming of the personality.

Name any 1-2 best volunteering experience?
Involvement in the PM Footprints and the PMPC 2012 events gave me an immense sense of ownership and satisfaction.

Tell us your hobbies, or things you are passionate about, other than volunteering at PMI?
My hobbies are playing Tabla and enjoy any sort of percussion instruments.

What will be your message for your fellow volunteers?
PMI Bangalore Chapter has various opportunities for volunteering and these opportunities really help one to groom his/her professional life. These volunteering opportunities provide you the view of the other side of the

What is your thought on recognizing volunteers?
Recognition of the volunteers in an open forum:
- It would be nice to carry his/her picture on the website.
- A nice volunteering memento like a watch/shirt/pen would be a good idea.

Karthikeyan Paalankishe, PMP