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PM Essence
Q. This is a tendency for project requirements to take more time and money than anticipated. What is it?
A. Feature creep (sometimes known as requirements creep or scope creep) is a tendency for product or project requirements to increase during development beyond those originally foreseen. Feature creep may be driven by a client's growing "wish list" or by developers themselves as they see opportunity for improving the product. To control feature creep, project management tools, such as the requirements stability index (RSI), are sometimes advocated. While RSI MONITORS the stability of the features and the extent of avoidance of the Creep, the CONTROL is made by rigidly following the Change Control Board (CCB) protocol. One useful guideline is the Acceptance Criteria. Whatever is needed to fulfill the Acceptance Criteria is not to be considered a creep, but within the scope, and whatever is not needed to satisfy the Acceptance Criteria should necessarily be processed through the CCB.

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