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PM Essence
Key takeaways from PMPC 2012

- Sridhar Chadalawala, PMP
Presented by Dr. Prajapati Trivedi
Secretary, Government of India - Cabinet Secretariat

The conference kicked off with power packed speech of Dr. Trivedi which has set a right mood and given right nutrient for the conference. Dr. Trivedi's speech on the “Performance Monitoring and Evaluation” in government has changed the perception we currently have with respect to the government projects and initiatives.

One of the paradigm used by the Economist as “A blind man looking for black cat in dark room” is not only humorous but a thought provoking fact. It is sometimes true in the project management paradigm also as most of the times we try to understand the real scope/requirement of a project in the above sense.

Few of this below mentioned thoughts is very relevant to any project manager in any age of project management

• Top down accountability works more than the bottom up accountability
• We need to get rid of “Not me syndrome”.
• Communicate the status- It makes stakeholder feel better
• Performance depends primarily on “20% of skills of the person and 80% on the System and processes that have been adopted”.
• Take ownership.
• Ask relevant questions – revalidate.

Industry Perspective of Project Management Trends

Presented by Mr. Bhaskar Bhat,
Managing Director, TITAN Industries Limited

Mr. Bhaskar Bhat has given us a clear insight of “how we can make challenges for you, instead of you working for challenges”. Especially in managing the upward and downward trend of their retail jewellery stores “Tanishq” is truly inspiring.

To achieve a success in any field of expertise one must “Dare to Try” and failure doesn't always mean we are not successful but it actually means that we have tried something new and we have not attained perfection in making it success.

Case Study - Implementation of Sevottam Seva and Project Arrow

Presented by Mr. Rajinder Kashyap, Deputy Director General (PG, QA & Inspection) and Mr. Prannoy Sharma,
OSD to Secretary Posts

This was a real eye opener to all of the audiences in this presentation which has changed the entire perception on the “India Post”. With the advent of internet and many other communication tools one can challenge the existence of postal services in the future but this has changed the entire perception of many (including myself). The important take away from the presentation is that it is not enough for us to implement a system but more important is to “monitor and control” it in order to make it effective and sustainable.

Definition of Done

Presented by Mr. Naveen Nanjundappa,
Agile Coach

This is another unique presentation which has given real insight for the definition of “Done” in three important areas namely the product quality, business value to customer, and software best practices. Also the definition should address not just the functional but also the non-functional requirements and standards like
usability, performance, capacity & maintainability.

What does cloud computing mean to project managers?

Mr. Deepak Vijayaragavan,
Sr. Delivery Manager, Aditi Technologies

Project Management is taking a paradigm shift with the evolution of “Cloud” based applications. Project management skills and competencies are an important part of the framework for this paradigm shift. Cloud computing for a Project Manager, means a more green, less costly, and more carefree processing environment for the customer.