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PM Essence
DidYouKnow Q. This is a decision making process which has similarity with how basketball or football players exchange the ball to get to their goal of shooting the ball through opponent's basket (or goal post)?
A. “Catchball" is a very popular decision-making where information and ideas go back and forth, thrown about, running up and down an organization in a mutually participative manner. In other words it is a business process of floating ideas and comments around in an iterative manner. The name 'catchball' comes from the metaphor of tossing an idea back and forth, much like you might with a football.
In Lean, the catchball process, 1. refines ideas, 2. promotes buy-in from the front line, 3. encourages creativity and 4. helps create a continuous improvement culture.
As the catchball process progresses, each person involved has an opportunity to add his or her ideas.
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