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PM Essence

Ignite Happiness Quotient for Project Managers

- Neha Verma, Director - Marketing, Tinder-Box

Is it possible to achieve excellence in corporate world & still be Happy? Is it really possible for project managers working on hectic and difficult projects & maintain happiness?

Yes, it is, in your workplace and personal life by maintaining Happiness Quotient (HQ).

Life was happier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits.’
- Prasanna, Thomas Cook, India


By implementing this simple colour strategy, you can focus on your strong points when you visualize your hectic corporate race. 'Take care of yourself as no one else can do it for you'. It helps you in erasing your negative emotions and enhances positive attitudes.

As a famous saying goes, 'Attitude decides the altitudes'. Soar on your positive attitude.

Being a Project Manager, it is really very essential to have a positive climate inside, as it will radiates all around you..

All project phases from initiation to closing are very hectic and a real HQ killer. Stress is always a killer, as peer-pressure ensures that 'rat in a trap syndrome'. In this century of the mind, stress climb up the corporate ladder. So where is the solution??

Era of Twenty-four-hour access cannot also cope with this new demand without a stress –proofing education. Physical mechanism cope with the mental speed required. Best way out is innovation through uniqueness in your stress free working style for personal excellence and constant growth.

Busting Stress for Individual Triumph

Are you aware of Stress Epidemic? Modern Corporation says there are no place for free passengers, only contributing members. Intolerant of unskilled and non-performing project members increases your dedication and deep involvement in your projects. So, you have to do fundamental shift in leisure time and happiness spending priorities. E.g.: spending high budgets for personal fitness, meditation, holidays, adventure sports, music, arts etc.


Break the pattern of stressful living and strive for physical wellness. Let us replace stress with positive emotions that engender joy. Let us increase our HQ. 'The world is like a buffet counter at a five-star hotel. Let's not grab everything on our plates. Let us be choosy, so that we may avoid spiritual indigestion and physical exhaustion'.

Protect yourself from the New Millennium Epidemic - “Stress”.

Psychological capital for success

For Happiness at work, maximize your Psychological Capital. Who experiences happiness in this world? If you love whatever you are doing, you'll feel real happiness. Team bonding, Joyful corporate commandos for their project mission, chose problems and develop innovative solutions together to complete project.

Infuse a sense of pride and joy in what you do; it becomes a joyful experience, instead of chores. This is the only way to nurture your workplace. Be Self-Actualized!!

Health Angle and its Solution for HQ

How much time you are spending in your office? Corporate brutal competitiveness takes an unimaginable toll on the heart. Multifarious Deadlines, Mortal Competitiveness negatively impacts the body. Modern urge to change jobs rapidly leads to threatening environment surrounded by potential enemies. Constant pressure of negative emotions causes inescapable damage to our arteries and other delicate tissues.


“Happiness is what you choose to remember.” ¯ , Jodi Picoult Nineteen Minutes

“A mathematical formula for happiness: Reality divided by Expectations. There were two ways to be happy: improve your reality or lower your expectations.”

As per Dr. Todd Kashdan the winning formula for Happiness can be mathematically expressed as:
Happiness = (M*16 + C*1 + L*2) + (T*5 + N*2 + B*33).

Where, M: Live in the moment, C: Be Curious, L: Do something you love, T: Think of others, N: Nurture relationships and B: Take care of your body.

The numbers expressed in the product terms can be interpreted as:
Moment(16): Average 16 hours a day, Curious(1):Once a day, Love(2): Twice a day, Think of others first: Five Times a day, Nurture Relationship(2): Twice a day, Take care of your body(30+3):30 minutes for 3 times a day.

Nurturing Workplace by Radiant Actions

Change your corporate world from place of illness to sanctuary of wellness. Is it practically possible? Yes, by changing patterns and styles. Breaking boundaries and thinking out of the box always have interesting results. So always try them in practical world also. Your body and mind also requires change for proper functioning and conditioning.


Era of twentyfour- access demand for stress-busting corner in every working and living space.

It is only possible through systematic learning of tools, generation and testing of ideas that organization can improve their Innovation Quotient (IQ).

Company-wide innovation is not about nurturing solitary genius in sterile labs, but requires the bubbling enthusiasm of teams.

Be Happy Always: Even during your stressful projects.
Nothing is Impossible!! 'You can fool everybody but you cannot fool yourself'. Unless you live by your own internal standards you can never be happy.

Law of Pure Happiness says, Right living, Affirmations with several aspects like harmonious relationship with people, enjoying the pleasure and happiness of others, looking for positives in others, making others feel comfortable in your team and expressing negative emotions in non-destructive ways are often the key factors. Corporate circumstances and events are not under control always but our perceptions and reactions can be.....

Make your own standards for happiness in your own way, feel flexible and free everywhere as, even in golden cage full of fruits, the Parrot prefers to fly freely in sky on its own will.

Increase your Happiness Quotient by Innovation Initiatives and Work-Life Balances and be happy always!!