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PM Essence

Management in Prayers


By - Namita Gupta, PMP, PMI-ACP

We all are connected to God in some or the other way. Some of us do daily prayers formally; some just remember Him as their own heart's voice. Whatever is the medium, whatever is the way, we are connected with that supreme power in some or the other manner. Have we ever thought, are we managed enough to give sometime to that Supreme? It sounds very funny if someone asks, how is your spiritual management going on? We hardly ask his question to others. Forget others, we hardly critic our own self for same. People who really believe in the holy strength may connect better with the thought that we need Spiritual management in the very same way we manage all other cores of our life. The obvious counter question will be, we can't say so, and how is it possible? Well, that's what we shall be looking in today.
PMBOK® has a very important role to play in this field also. I never realised it till I thought through all the aspects of it. To my surprise, it's true and valid. We have different knowledge areas defined in PMBOK®. Let's see how all these special areas helps us device our Spiritual management (Refer the picture). Also if we really put little effort towards this management we shall see, how energetic, powerful we feel. This is a very interesting study and thought process. Spiritualism is connected and engrossed in every aspect of our life and yes it's deep inside. One has to have faith in oneself to en-cash the strength of this rich and powerful framework.
There is a saying that everything we have been blessed with is His grace on us. We can't really give anything back to that Ultimate, however we should always try to indulge ourselves in 3 cores i.e. Tan (Service by one self), Mann (remembering Him in thoughts) & Dhan (Money offerings). When I thought about these 3 cores, I felt it's so closely related to different knowledge areas of management we have just glanced. Supreme power also in line with management fundamentals it seems. I know it sounds funny and may be awkward to few to have this kind of comparison but trust me, this helps. Any idea, any innovation, any miracle has to come on paper before it can be realized in reality. Let's see the “How” part of what we have discussed just now in diagram.
Isn't it amazing? We (this high tech generation) believe in tangible things. That is what we talk at length in our day to day corporate work and that is what we learn. Is it a tangible way to express the need of spiritual management in one's life? The obvious question which comes to the mind is what is the output of doing all this management? Why to invest so much of so called Tan, Mann and most importantly Dhan? We can convince ourselves by asking a very simple question, what do we get as an output when we go to a temple/church or Mosque? If we just give a very high level thought, what are the major things we are struggling in our day to day life today?
Stress, Mental pressures, business up downs, lack of contented feelings, lack of peace of mind, Lack of good health/Exercise?
All these things are addressed if we do spiritual management in our lives. It's not necessary to visit church for the same, it's just to manage and be in one some with your own self, your own soul. Its worth of an investment to catch up with our own self and realise we haven't got time off lately for such conversation. We haven't realised that we have spent so many years without talking to our own identity. What is the wish at the core of our heart? What madness we want to explore before we really check out of this world?
I myself am the first candidate to do so. I am writing this and realising that I need this with extreme urgency. I wish I do some spiritual management and have a gala meeting with self to explore what myself is up to before exploring any other person around. If this is being selfish, it's good to be selfish I guess, isn't it?. Be selfish and be explorer, to explore an immense world of inner happiness and peace - Within self by just doing Spiritual Management.
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