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PM Essence
Chapter News

- Capt. L. N. Prasad
feb2014 chapnews
PM Footprints session: This month two Footprints sessions were held. On 5th June 2014, Ms. Padma Sathyamurthy Independent Agile Coach and consultant, Fountainhead consulting Pvt Ltd., spoke on the “Challenges of Transitioning to Agile - The Team vis-à-vis PM”.   
In this session, Participants learned how the transition from traditional methodologies to agile is happening in today's world. Padma touched upon broader categories of challenges and shared insight on “Team” level challenges one faces during this transition journey.
This was a very informative session for Project Managers to understand how one can add much needed catalyst in creating selfdisciplined self-organized team.

On 19th June 2014, Mr. Gopal N, General Manager - Quality, Alcatel Lucent India Ltd., Spoke on “Agile Journey-Brick by Brick a Transformation Journey and Lessons Learnt from Pilot to Large Scale Adoption”. This was an interesting discussion to get insight on large scale transition from traditional to agile/lean kind of environment. Step by step movement with lessons learned during the journey was the primary takeaway, especially for telecom domain participants. Session was ended with a check point on whether the transition made the organization/department really Agile? This was an important question which made everyone think how one should qualify such transitions'.

feb2014 chapnews
feb2014 chapnews
Agile Foundation Program:On 28th June 2014 the Chapter successfully held a one day Agile Foundation Program at DHI Leadership Centre. This event provides opportunity to learn about Agile Project Management and how you can apply that at your workplace.