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PM Essence
Chapter News

- Capt. L. N. Prasad
apr2014 chapnews PM Enrich: On 08th March 2014 a workshop on "The Art of Managing Project Stakeholders" based on Arbinger Principles was held. The workshop was attended by thirty delegates. The workshop was aimed at exploring the fundamental questions related to the factors which influence the behaviour of stakeholders towards projects and the project teams. It helped the participants to develop a deeper understanding of the stakeholder challenges that may have seemed insurmountable in the past. The workshop was conducted by two facilitators Mr. Venkatesh Seshadri, and Mr. Shankar Thayumanava,PMP, both from the Arbinger Institute.    

PM Footprints: On 13th March 2014, Mr. S.A. Kumar, Head Business Excellence, Infineon Technologies India Pvt Ltd Bangalore spoke on the topic "Key Project Management Practices in a R&D focused product development Environment”. 

mar2014 chapnews
mar2014 chapnews On 27th March 2014, Mr. Venkatesh Seshadri CEO 'ARISE AWAKE!' spoke on an Interesting topic "Deep Self Awareness - How it can help at work". Both the presentations were well received and attended by nearly 40 members.