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PM Essence
Chapter News

- Capt. L. N. Prasad
mar2014 chapnews PM Footprints session:On 30 January a PMFPsession on "How Business Knowledge and Personality of a PM Affects Project Delivery?” was delivered. The talk was delivered by Mr. Arun R Yadwad, Delivery Manager from Professional Access Software Development Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. The speaker spoke on the areas of Business which the PM should be aware and what are the implications of not being aware. The session also highlighted the implications of PMs personality on final delivery.    

During the month of February, two PM Footprints session were held. On 13 February 2014, Professor Pinkesh Shaw Director Programs, Institute of Product Leadership Spoke on the topic “Changing Role of Project Managers in Product companies”. During the talk he spoke about how the role of project managers in product companies is changing and what is expected of senior project and program managers in a product / solutions creation environment.. 

mar2014 chapnews
mar2014 chapnews On 27th February 2014, Mr. Manik Choudhary Project Development Expert SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd spoke on the topic "Lean Start up in Enterprise". During his talk he spoke about Lean methodology. He said that Lean Start up isn't about being cheap but is about being less wasteful and still doing things that are big. The lean start up is the movement that is transforming how new innovative products are built and launched. The talk gave a good insight into understanding Lean, creating right products, and how to validate hypothesis to reduce uncertainty in product development. The Chapter Board members held a focused Strategy Meeting on 08th February 2014 and drafted a vision plan on how to nurture and grow the different initiatives of the Chapter to deliver more value added service to the member base..    

Project Vidyadeepa: By Mr. G. Shantaram, President, Rotary Bangalore West (RBW) RBW has completed a service project to provide 4480 solar LED lamps to 10 standard students in high schools in rural Karnataka. Solar panels have been installed at over 100 schools. The individual lamps and batteries are to be returned by the students to the school after the SSLC examinations for reissue to next year's 10 standard students in the school. The project provides for maintenance of the lamps and batteries by the vendor for seven years. 

mar2014 chapnews
Project Management Bangalore India Chapter has supported this project by developing a replicable pocess for implementation and monitoring of the project. The project, with a total value of Rs. 96 lakhs was completed within four months in order to make the lamps available to students as they prepare for the public exams.
Several members of the Chapter have contributed to this project. At the PMPC held in September 2013, Rotary Bangalore West had put up a stall to showcase the project. Delegates to the conference donated generously for the cause to bolster the spirit of this social initiative.