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Challenges of Transitioning to Agile – The Team vis-à-vis PM.
Padma Satyamurthy

Ms. Padma Satyamurthy
Independent Agile Coach and Consultant
Fountainhead Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

6.30 PM to 8.00 PM 

Royal Orchid Central Hotel, 
47/1, Manipal Center,
Dickenson Road, Bangalore 


Profile of Speaker:
Ms. Padma is an enthusiastic IT professional, aspiring to create & implement meaningful process management frameworks which can enable project delivery excellence. 
She has 12+ years of experience in the IT Industry with expertise in Consulting, Project Management, People Management, Coaching, Mentoring & Training and Solution Design. 
This experience is coupled with strong leadership, communication, analytical, problem solving, and customer service skills. 
Padma has rich hands-on experience in implementing Agile software development methodologies such as SCRUM, FDD, TDD among other methods across different domains and business establishments. She also has experience in implementation of CMMi, Lean and Six Sigma DMAIC approach.
Topic Description: 

Staying competitive today means delivering right products at the right time and preferably ahead of our competitors. To add to this, software development is a very complex activity with volatile requirements, diverse and constantly requiring skill upgrades and ever evolving technology. While the industry had cracked the code of mastering this complex work through traditional plan driven methodologies like waterfall, spiral and prototyping, resilient proactive driven methods like agile methodologies are emerging as an alternate choice for the organizations to deliver products more frequently without compromising on the quality.
However moving from traditional methods to agile especially on in-flight projects will impact various functional teams in different ways. The challenges vary from organizational to teams to process and need different approaches to tackle these challenges.
This presentation is aimed at looking into the challenges during such transition and how project managers can handle to ensure smooth transition by working with various PM community around this.
The key challenges in the transitioned can be broadly categorized as:
1. Organizational
2. Team
3. Process
In this session, she will be focusing on Challenge #2 – Team.
Agile is a mindset and not just a methodology. When we say mindset, it becomes clear that it's more a human related aspect than technology or other non-human based interface. Hence, it becomes all the more important to focus on the team and transition the “mindset” of the team to embrace agile and not just transition the project alone. This presentation will focus on my experience in transitioning the team to agile and few best practices and lessons learnt in the journey.
Team (People related challenges and change management)
Is the team aware of "Transition" and "Transition Management"?
How have you prepared or preparing the teams to embrace the change? A 2-5 day training sufficient to bring this change?
Are you looking at change within your teams or do you have a broader outlook of other stakeholders and taking them along?
Expected Take-away:
Understanding the broader category of challenges while transitioning to agile models
Deep divining into the team and people aspect of handling the challenges
How PM can be that much needed catalyst in creating self-disciplined self-organized team
Few lessons learnt and best practices experienced practically.