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An Agile Journey – Brick by Brick a Transformation Journey and Lessons Learnt from Pilot to Large Scale Adoption.
Gopal N

Mr. Gopal N.
General Manager – Quality, 
Alcatel Lucent India Limited.

6.30 PM to 8.00 PM 

Royal Orchid Central Hotel, 
47/1, Manipal Center,
Dickenson Road, Bangalore 


Profile of Speaker:
Mr. Gopal works for Alcatel Lucent as General Manager Quality - managing the Process and Product Quality team. He leads activities in process definition, implementation, training and certifications of TL 9000 in addition to managing several process improvement initiatives across Engineering and Management. Over the last 3 years he has led Lean and Agile Implementation across Alcatel Lucent India (ALU) and has largely been responsible for several transformation initiatives that have changed ALU’s agility and responsiveness to the market place. Some of his contributions also include removing the hardships of scaling agile, introducing scorecards to monitor process and product quality and extending the same to associated suppliers too.
Mr.Gopal N completed his bachelor’s degree in Industrial & Production from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore in 1990. Linkage between IT and Quality were his area of interests since his project days. Using a Fortran based algorithm, he started with managing an Optimum Business Product Mix project for a watch company using LPP. 
Mr. Gopal taught at Aptech and simultaneously worked on several internal projects.  His attention to Quality deepened when Aptech opened a Business Re-engineering Cell to help companies achieve ISO 9001 certifications.  He got involved in Gap Assessments and process changes to meet standard compliances. Later he moved to BFL Software now Mphasis BFL where he was involved with process definition and certification achievements of ISO 9001 Tick IT, SEI CMM Level 4 and 5. He also led a team of Quality Assurance professionals’ defining and measuring product quality for Compaq. Gradually he shifted to a career in Business Development with BFL Software and was responsible for setting-up several offshore development centers.  
He now passionately studies the characteristics of agile leadership and ardently promotes Lean Startup Methodologies for budding product entrepreneurs.
Topic Description: 

The session covers the transformation roadmap of a huge telecom product,
- starting from why agile was adopted, lessons learnt from it,
- moved to large scale agile adoption and lessons learnt from it
- what other transformations does agile lead to and how it helped the overall quality
- lets test in the end – are we really agile..?
Expected Take-away:
Organizations can learn from how to deal with similar problems faced during an agile journey.