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PM Footprints - Project Management Simplified and Transformed.
 Rajneesh Malhotra  
Mr. Rajneesh Malhotra
 Head – Delivery Excellence (Securities – BFSI)
Wipro Technologies.

6.30 PM to 8.00 PM 

Royal Orchid Central Hotel, 
47/1, Manipal Center,
Dickenson Road, Bangalore 


Profile of Speaker(s):
Mr Rajneesh has 18+ years of experience in Information Technology. He currently heads the delivery excellence division for securities vertical. He drives superior delivery, thought leadership and innovation as part of the delivery excellence.
Mr Rajneesh has fostered innovation by architecting and developing project management tool in the delivery excellence cell. He has conceptualized and implemented new paradigm of ‘Project Management Simplified’. Across 18 Yrs he has been through all stages of Delivery Management and execution. His strength is as an advisor/consultant for Project / Program Management whereby he can help teams gauge their issues, mentor them and steer them during the execution (both current and foreseen)in order to enable them to apply apt corrective actions whereby the project / program moved upwards towards the path of profitability and better customer satisfaction.   
Topic Description:
Project Management has been a subject of debate, research, experimentation and evolution since 1950. There are diverse theories, proven and established, of managing projects in different ways for different domains viz retail, infrastructure, manufacturing, information technology (IT), etc. The focus of discussion here is restricted to IT projects. With an ever changing nature of project execution models there is an inherent need for innovative project management models providing the best fit for the prevalent execution model. In realizing this goal, complexity of project management has compounded over the 
years. As with evolution of all domains, there is now a thrusting demand to focus on de-complicating the subject of project management.
The intention of this work is to bring forth a paradigm shift to ‘Project Management Simplified’ (PMS). This paper highlights the ability of PMS to focus on the most critical parameters thereby bringing in a simplistic, un-cluttered approach for project management. This paper also brings forth how PMS brings in a mechanism to handle some of the most prominent failure points for IT projects, in a most simple yet effective and in-fact most importantly in a proactive manner. This work finally addresses the single most important question of the IT project stakeholders, to have the capability of foreseeing project risks in the most timely and accurate manner along with the capability of gauging project health in the most quantifiable manner. This work brings forth the ability of PMS in reducing the stress levels of the project execution teams with the streamlining it brings as part of project execution. The impact of reduced stress levels gets propagated on the socio environment of these teams that includes the corporate environment and the social environment of their families.  
Expected Take-away:
The audience will also get to see a simplified way to manage projects. The audience will get to see project management as a simplified domain rather than complex arena.