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PM Footprints - Glimpses of Management in Indian Literature
Mr. Amarnath S

Systems Architect,

Philips Innovation Campus


Date: 20-Aug-2015

Time: 6.30 PM to 8.00 PM 

Royal Orchid Central Hotel, 
47/1, Manipal Center,
Dickenson Road, Bangalore 
Profile of Speaker:

Dr. Amarnath.S is currently working as a Systems Architect at Philips Innovation Campus in Bengaluru. He has over 19 years of experience project management, software development, image processing, veterinary radiography product development, development of engineering tools for energy systems and applied research. He holds a Ph.D. and a M.E. in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, and a Bachelor's degree from the Bangalore University. He is also a PMP, ScrumMaster and Six Sigma Green Belt. He is currently looking after projects related to big data and analytics; and has earlier worked on image processing; computer-aided orthodontics; proton therapy delivery; radiographic non-destructive testing; energy systems using gas, steam and renewables like wind.

Topic Description:

Indian literature is replete with concepts and examples which are akin to those present in modern management, and project management. This talk will take some topics in today's management - Change, Learning, Leadership, Quality, Success, Wealth, Work, Focus, Spoken Communication, Health and Human Nature - and give correlations and references to relevant extracts found in our literature, from ancient to modern. Several examples related to these concepts will also be highlighted. This talk concludes with some common maxims, which reference situations in everyday corporate life; and a nice literary message found at a busy intersection in our own Bengaluru. Focus is on two of our Indian languages; similar ideas being documented in other Indian languages too.

Expected Take-away:
This session provides four important aids that are required to leverage politics in project. The audience will gain insights on actual verses and quotes from our books, along with similes and examples as follows:
  • • Change – Examples of Fly-by-Wire, Gesture
  • • Learning – Receptacle, Arrogance, Humility
  • • Leadership, Quality – Walk the Talk, ‘Politics’
  • • Success, Wealth – Example of Sleeping Lion; Shyness, Doubt, Criticism
  • • Work, Focus – Silent, Diligent; ‘Blind, Deaf’
  • • Spoken Communication – Truth, but no harm; Yes Men
  • • Health – Significance of Food, Mind – Bondage and Freedom
  • • Human Nature – Three temperaments, Example of Neem Tree
  • • Maxims
  • These similes and examples not only make these concepts to be demonstrated easily, but also help in deriving correlations during our daily work situations.


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