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PM Footprints 9th Anniversary
Pramod Kulkarni 

SATHI (Society for Assistance to Children in Difficult Situation) 


Date: 21-Nov-2015

Time: 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM 

The Chancery Pavilion, Sigma Hall,
135, Residency Road, Bangalore
Profile of Speaker
Pramod Kulkarni has done his M.Sc in Statistics from M S University, Baroda in 1976 and he did his PGD in Management from IIM Ahmadabad in 1981. After passing out from IIM-AHM, he involved himself in the social sector. Initially he worked on Consumer Protection, then on Rural Development. Now he is helping children and students. He has worked with several NGOs like CERC, Ahmedabad, Pradhan, Prearna and Sathi.  
SATHI (Society for Assistance to Children in Difficult Situation) is a non-profit organization working with children on the railway platforms. It rescues them from the vagaries of the platform life and provides shelter and care till the time the child is returned home safely.
It was started in 1992. With years of research and work in this field, SATHI claims that- 90% of children who are found on platforms are children who ran away from their homes, in a moment of impulsiveness. There would have been a fight at home, or they would have been berated or the general environment was such that it led them to take this extreme step.
Over the years, more than 47,000 runaway children have been rescued by SATHI and reunited with their families.
“A child on the platform never grows up, he just ages. Early intervention not only saves the child from the dangers of platform life but also makes repatriation easier as the child is more willing to go back home.” The longer a child lives on the platform, the more he falls prey to addictions, sexual abuse, petty thefts and odd jobs for survival. There is no place like home for a child except for extreme cases and the organisation’s first course of action is thus always “home placement”, says Mr. Pramod.
Children are rescued from the platforms and are placed within the safe confines of SATHI’s shelters. They are counseled and those who are willing to go back home are taken to their families as soon as possible. In the case of children who have not spent too much time on the platforms, this is a fairly simple task.
Something that makes SATHI special is that they do not consider their task done once a child is returned back home. They follow-up through a set procedure, 4 follow-up calls per child per year, to ensure that the arrangements agreed upon while placing the child back at home (like study material for those who wish to study) continue to be available to him/her. Says Mr. Kulkarni, “We attempt regular follow-ups on all cases where home placement has been done and home is accessible on the phone”.
NGO Sathi has also been awarded the Best National Service organization. He was presented this award by our President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee on 14th Nov on Childrens day and PMI Bangalore chapter is proud to be working along with Sathi.  
Mr. Indraneel Majumdar  

Tech Entrepreneur, Partner in Restaurants, Brand Consultant, Novelist


Profile of Speaker

An entrepreneur with 26 years of work experience & verifiable year after year success achieving revenue, profit and business growth objectives within start-up, turnaround and rapid-change environments. 


Currently he is the 

 • Cofounder of a software company called Le Boom Sofftech Solutions Pvt Ltd.

 • Director of Saahib Kitchens

 • Partner – TT Salads and Grills 


Some of the other organizations he worked for are 

 • Lead Consultant and partner – Saksham Vista – Real Estate Asset Development Enterprise. 

 • Centre Director – Virtuous Retail – Mall in Whitefield, beside Phoenix Mall

 • GM Operations – Inorbit Mall (Whiltefield, Mumbai)

 • GM Operations – Phoenix Mills (Phoenix Mall, Pune), 

 • VP – Wonder Leisure and Entertainment

 • GM  Ambuja Realty to name a few


He has done his MBA in Hospitality and his 3 year diploma in Hotel Management. He is very active on social media like Twitter, Linked in, Quora and has recently released a book called The Colluders – (on Kindle). 


An astute professional with objectives within start-up & established organizations across all Real Estate Asset classes. 


Some areas of expertise are 


 • Strategy Planning Profit Centre Management 

 • New Set Ups/ Business Tie Ups 

 • Concept Planning

 • Leasing Management

 • Branding & Product Positioning 

 • Market Intelligence


Specialties: Technical


 • Operations Management in Malls, Hotels, Entertainment Centers and Sports Arenas

 • Retail Management, Retail Zoning, Leasing and Mall Planning

 • Retail Design Conceptualization

 • Project Management in Real Estate Projects

 • Food and Beverage Management




 • New Initiative Ideation

 • Creative Writing


His hobbies are writing, movies, Elocution, Quizzes. 

He has also received awards from IAAPI (Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries) for best marketing and best website design.

Topic Description
This presentation distills GRC objectives to manage IT assets within an organization. It presents the core components associated with an IT Asset and explains how to protect them.The presentation will introduce the concepts of IT assets and GRC, connect the two and help understand basic steps that will help you protect your organization's IT assets. 

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