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6 Ways To Make Most Out Of Reorganizations
- Haresh Patel

If you asked someone about reorganization 10 years ago, I am sure you would not have received definitive answer. However, now most of the employees you meet would have a firm opinion about reorganizations. And perhaps, frequency of reorganizations has really puzzled employees at every level with the questions such as,


• Why now?


• Is it really required?


• How will it actually resolve the problem?


And so on… but, I still wonder if finding answers to above question has really helped someone!!


Employees are impacted in two primary ways by reorganization. One, who benefits from it and others who don't. In good probability, the former of two sects would be busy with increased or different responsibilities, and later might be exploring ways to deal with unfavorable impact of reorganization. Here are some suggested areas to exploit, in the event of a reorganization.

1. To experience happiness, we need to be awake: 

Getting too comfortable with the work act as sedatives, putting us into deep sleep. We are far away from sensing what's coming. Reorganizations are fantastic opportunity to wake up. Before reorganization, when we just had one option – our current job. Reorganization brings plethora of opportunities and allows us to critically evaluate various opportunities within (and outside) organizations. It also offers opportunity to align our skills and ambitions with the new opportunity.


Recently, I had an opportunity to speak with a veteran Software Development Manager, who was struck hard with reorganization. Manager was offered to accept severance package or build skills in completely different domain/area. After choosing second option, six month later manager was pleasantly surprised not only with own potential to quickly acquire new skills that were more relevant to the market, but also to excel in new area, which was of higher focus for the organization.


So enjoy being shaken up; as I say, to experience happiness, we need to be awake.


2. Train self to notice blessings in disguise: 

Reorganizations may open doors to some of the most exciting opportunities with lowered entry bar.


Couple of years ago, an enterprise giant announced decision to move over 200 positions from one department to another. Certainly, someday we can have one-sided debate to discuss if management considers skilled employee as just 'Headcount', and hence easily transferable!! In bid to move 200 positions to a customer facing department, many 'impacted' employees actually benefited by getting exhaustive training to realign their expertise, getting positions at dream locations, getting much envied pay and grade adjustments and so on.


Train self to focus on new opportunities and take advantage of them, instead of worrying and cribbing about the 'Change' that is beyond your own influence. 

3. Gain time for well-planned exit 

Reorganization may require some employee to accept 'something' absolutely irrelevant or volunteer to resign. Prima facie, accepting the irrelevant position impacts self-esteem and induces fear of 'what will people think about me'. Well, if people were to support your family financially, you may worry about what they think.


However, accepting irrelevant position could be a way to configure your notice period. It's like having their cake and eating it too!! Over new few months, if you develop liking for the new position, you already transitioned from reorganization turmoil. One would also benefit from excellent opportunity to network with new set of people and work in new environment without any baggage of past. If new position doesn't fit, tenure in new department can be used to build a plan in parallel that helps to create a concrete and desired future.



4. Life beyond Pay-Checks: 

Once employee doesn't mean always employee. Entrepreneurship neither has age bar nor requires any special education qualification. All that is needed is a strong vision and passion for a business venture.


As per Nasscom India Start-up Report 2014, the last 12 months alone, 805 technology product/digital start-ups were set up across the country, which is projected to grow four-fold to hit 2,000 by 2020!! It

 also highlighted approximately 300 VC/ PE and 225 angel investment deals worth over USD 2 billion. One can find similar data across the globe.


2015 can be dubbed as a year of start-up when one considers this,


• Marking all time high start-up valuations

• All time low start-up entry cost

• Social media boon – providing smartest ways to reach customers across the globe

• Big is no more beautiful, but agile organization is...!


If you are amidst reorganization dilemma, dare to dream beyond Pay-checks.


5. Being Narcissist is good: 

Reorganizations saps energy without making you work even a bit. Remember, reorganization does not take away your own intellect and achievement. It also does not mean that you become out-and-out irrelevant. Face the reorganization with bright and broad smile. I also recommend to go a step ahead to be a narcissist. Being narcissist at this time is definitely great – “because it helps us to feel better than the rest”, and “lets us know, what exactly we want from life”. As a narcissist, we are focused and get to love what we do. It is best way to transition from state of fatigue to being energetic.


6. Stay away from Fusspots and Grinch: 

Fusspots and Grinch are unusual creatures with eternal dissatisfaction and massive aura of spreading their negative energy to people around them. Stay away from them!! You have just resurrected from emotional setback and need positive energy to combat new challenges.


If needed, revamp your lunch group, carpool partner, or any other social group that constantly drags you to unfruitful chatterbox. This is very powerful! You can also ask any employee who has been hit by reorganization and has emerged victorious!


Finally, remember that your (positive) attitude towards your own life and career matters most in this difficult time. You must choose to make most out of reorganization.


At worst, you will learn from this experience, and at best, you will have opportunities galore.