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PM Footprints - Managing Mindsets of those around helps manage projects better
Ajit Kaikini

Mr. Ajit Kaikini
Growth and Corporate Training,
Buoyancee - A Poly Training Centre.

6.30 PM to 8.00 PM

Royal Orchid Central Hotel,
47/1, Manipal Center,
Dickenson Road, Bangalore


Profile of Speaker:
Mr. Ajit is basically a pharmacist- hands on experience in sales/mkt, production, admin & training in blue chip companies.  Started Buoyancee in 1992.  Conducts training in 6 languages all over India and has entered Europe

Involvement in major projects:

Bank of India’s Sankalp 10,000/-:  increasing profit margins from around 4000 crores to 10,000 crores by 2015.  Buoyancee conducted training for nearly 2000 employees in Mumbai, Pune and Chennai centres.  The first quarter profits grew considerably. (2011-2012)
Bisleri’s Game Changer:  Motivating and mindset change in managers and sales personnel to launch and make  Bisleri 500 ml the mineral water of choice.   Bisleri 500 ml is seen in most of the places (2013-2014)

Canara Bank’s Jaagran:  The awakening to help the 4 generations blend and be service minded towards better profitability (since 2012…. Still going on)

Ghataprabha Fertilisers’ Bhumata Century:  To double the turnover of the company from 52 crores to over 100 crores.  We reached nearly 100 crores.  (2013-2014)

Karnataka Automats:  A MICO ancillary and brining down the rejection rates by creating a mindset to  implement the tools given by UNIDO was vital due to competitions and low profitability.  (since 2012…  Reached zero parts per million and MICO Bosch awarded KAPL for the change

Sutures India:  To cross 100 crores from 65 crores.  By changing the mindset of the sales force to help them compete with the multinationals.  We did cross the 100 crores mark  (2012)

Topic Description:
While process is vital for progress, the processes in the minds of the implementers is even more vital!  Understanding how our conditioning and brining-up during our growing period affects our work and attitude towards people around/ work is mandatory for bringing out the best in those around.

Case studies of how we supported the projects of Bank of India, Bisleri, Canara Bank, Ghataprabha Fertilisers, Stutures India and many more to improve productivity and profitability will be presented & discussed
Managing Mindset for deliberate, desirable deadline driven outcomes .
Expected Take-away:
Understand how the mindset is really formed and how it either propels or retards a person.  How to go about working on the same for best results.