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PM Footprints - The Strategies of Success - Dealing with North American Companies (Focus on the USA).
2014 09 11jacob
Mr. Jacob Mathews
Supervisor, Software Engineering Division,
Optivus Inc., (Southern California), USA. 

6.30 PM to 8.00 PM 

Royal Orchid Central Hotel, 
47/1, Manipal Center,
Dickenson Road, Bangalore 


Profile of Speaker(s):
Mr. Jacob Mathews has been involved with the IT sector in the USA for over 20 years working in the Automotive and Healthcare industry for various Fortune 500 companies and clients such as EDS, General Motors, Genesys Health, etc.
He is currently the Supervisor of the Software Engineering division of Optivus, Inc., a world leader in the USA, which pioneered the development of hardware and software  technology for the first hospital based use of proton radiation beams  in the treatment of cancer patients using robots and the synchrotron atomic particle accelerator.
He holds a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering, PMP certification and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA in Healthcare). For his academic excellence in the MBA program at Davenport University, USA, he was inducted into the “International Honors Society” as a gold member.
For his contributions to leadership, he was also inducted into the “National Society of Leadership & Success,, USA.”
He was the President & CEO of his company, Medsof LLC, which provided web based services to automotive and healthcare clients in Michigan, USA.
He also served as the Director of the Internet / Software division of various US based companies.
He was awarded the “Certificate of Outstanding Achievement” for his success in the management of General Motors projects.
He has also been managing global projects for US companies with geographically and culturally diverse teams in Germany, Japan, China, Australia, Brazil, China and India, providing him with a wealth of expertise in managing global project teams.
He is also an international speaker and has had speaking engagements in technical conferences, motivational speaking and in project management.
In 2005, he was invited by PMI to speak and present on the “Fear Factors in Remote Based Development” at the 2005 PMI Global Congress – Asia Pacific Region held at Singapore and the white paper was published and can be downloaded from the PMI global website.
Jacob is not representing the views of any organization in his talk today and the contents and materials presented are for informational purposes only and does not constitute or represent any form of legal advice.
Jacob will be speaking on “The Strategies of Success – Dealing with North American Companies – Focus on the USA.”

Topic Description:
Globalization and technology has levelled the playing field in today’s global market.
Companies in the eastern and western side of the globe have been coming together in a symbiotic relationship that is mutually beneficial and a win-win for both sides. The Western world and US based companies capitalize on the intellect, highly educated labor force and the low labor rates offered by companies in the Eastern world. The Indian and Eastern companies benefit from the financial rewards and gain of technical expertise derived out of the relationship. 
The US based companies are one of the largest sources of profitable projects to the Eastern world. While the advantages exist, there are also pitfalls that eastern companies need to be aware of in, order to build a strong relationship with US based companies. Projects that succeed are based on having a clear understanding of the client expectations.
This exciting, easy to understand presentation and talk will navigate through the complexities of the following, in the context of working with US based companies:
1. The success factors in building a strong relationship and successful delivery of projects to US based companies.
2. The pitfalls to avoid in dealing with US based companies.
3. The fears of the Western world in outsourcing to the East.
4. Risks involved in remote based projects.
5. Developing a sound project management methodology.
Expected Take-away:
The presentation will be beneficial across the board, from a novice to an experienced senior level audience dealing with US based companies or businesses.
 Everyone will walk away learning something new in an exciting world where the East meets the West.