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PM Essence

ACID principles in PM for - Delivering First Time Right!!!
- Shikha Vaidh, PMP, PMI-ACP

First Time Right - When this three word statement comes in picture it evokes lot of questions and confidence on all the stakeholders involved in a particular project.


At one side, it gives a sense of confidence and trust, on other side it brings up many HOW/ WHAT/ WHY kind of questions like,


Developer thinks: HOW it is possible to deliver the bug free product, when mistakes are bound to happen. Service Provider thinks: WHAT would be my strategy or plan of action to deliver things right at the first time. 


Customer thinks: On WHAT basis company is claiming that they can deliver the product right at the first time, WHAT principles they follow, what are their metrics, past experiences.

To deliver things right at the first time, at a minimum four basic properties are required at an individual, company and the team group level.
1. Attitude – Right Attitude
The first and the foremost is the right attitude towards the goal. In absence of which none of the project management phases (Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Control and Closing) could be followed.
2. Command – Right hold over the Subject/ Domain
It is a step by step process. If at one place it is required to have a right attitude, right command over the subject is also very much required to achieve any goal. All the great achievers not only keep the right positive attitude but have the right command over their fields. Deep understanding and knowledge towards the subject/ domain is required to deliver the things right at the first time.
3. Information – Right Scope
This is the ingredient, without which nothing moves on. It is very much required to have the right information (details of what is supposed to be done, rules, policies, etc.) in place before starting the work on any project. Absence of which leads to project failure or delay.
4. Dedication – Right devotion
Last but not the least it is the dedication. Unless the individual and team will have the dedication, it is impossible to achieve the things on time with right quality. Having the right attitude, right command, right information but without right sense of responsibility & dedication it is very likely to miss the deadlines, deliver low quality products.
The right attitude, right command, right information and the right dedication are the four pillars for delivering FIRST TIME RIGHT!!!