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Spirituality in Simulation
                                                                                                                               - Janardhan Pranesh

The word spirituality brings varied emotions with people across age group and profession. The concept of spirituality itself has leapfrogged in the last decade, while the advent of social networking and self-distracting tools made 'Spirituality” as must have for peaceful life - to incline spiritually is becoming Internet of Things (IoT) of life.


The average human life has moved into an era of distractions and these distractions have evolved in spirituality as pit-stop in the life. Spirituality is now a specialized and personalized service, thanks to smartphone's and apps. This leads to emergence of new concepts in spirituality; few startups have become mega spiritual corporations.





Pre web 2.0, spirituality was used as a step back option to reconnect with inner self and it was also used as affordable lever to mitigate the psychological insecurities. Emergence of web 2.0 resulted in making spirituality a hide out to connect with inner self through professional networking or social networking sites.


The similar effect is evident in the product and services segment; wherein simulation solutions spiritualizes the business goals. Customer aspirations have kept the product and services companies on their toes to remain innovative to achieve the brand loyalty; thereby simulation solutions are becoming the limbic brain of the design.


The drivers for spirituality and simulation solutions are very much similar:-


Spiritual Guru's (simulation solver):

Spirituality movement driven by person or institution to provide arrested landing to human mind over distractions and spirituality is religion agnostic. The fan following to any spirituality way doesn't just depend on the Guru, it all depends on the experiences of the disciples and how well the Guru's concept have connected with their day-to-day life.


Simulation solution addresses the spiritual quotient to all product and service companies by being CAD agnostic and bringing Nirvana to their engineering problems (helping their engineering problems attain Nirvana). Simulation products helps the companies to protect their IP and uniqueness of the product


Spiritual Movement (simulation ecosystem):

A unique spiritual ideology brings fanatic followers, these followers become brand ambassadors bringing business value to the movement. This is possible, when follower's quality of life is enriched in everyday life.


Simulation ecosystem does the same to product and services companies; the availability of qualified manpower and solution capability to solve the engineering problems involving multiple physical entities. The adoption of specific simulation depends on whom the customer is following in day-to-day life than whom he/she wants to follow.


Spirituality Religion Agnostic (Simulation solution R&D focus and on Cloud):

Any spiritual movement is successful when the spiritual gurus/institutions make right research and provide scientific, medical rationales to follow the path. This reassures the followers as 'Why' chosen method will improve their quality of daily life.


Simulation solutions get respect and acceptability with customer segments due to its focus on R&D spend, the R&D spend by the simulation solutions will help customers to achieve their business targets, attain high ROI on technology spend and protect the IP.


Simulated products/services will be the enablers to connect with 'Why' quotient of end customers of the product or services and simulation solutions on cloud helps its customers to practice Innovation Spirituality at low cost of ownership. Soon customers will aim to decipher new 'Why' i.e. IoT with simulation.


We are entering an era, wherein International Yoga Day is being celebrated and Steffi Graf is named as the brand ambassador for Ayurveda, similarly Multiphysics will be the yoga of simulation very soon.

Image Courtesy: Kishan Harwalkar


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