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PMI Bangalore Chapter Membership
Join or Renew Bangalore India Chapter Membership
Communicate, Connect and Collaborate and be a part of our family @ PMI Bangalore India Chapter 
Please note you need to be a member for PMI before you become a part of PMI Bangalore India Chapter If your PMI member is in the renewal period (3 months prior to PMI membership expiry), the system will request for the PMI membership to be renewed first then the chapter membership is available to be added.
If the PMI members is not in the renewal period, then you will be able to add the chapter membership any time. Your chapter membership detail should be reflected on the Chapter Reporting System (CRS) within 48 hours of being processed.
You can avail the special rates for PMPC 2014 applicable for PMI Bangalore Chapter members immediately , if you email the copy of the membership payment receipt/acknowledgement to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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