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PM Footprints - From Ideas to Enterprise
Dr. Rekha Jagannath   
Dr. Rekha Jagannath
Honourable Member,
Karnataka State Planning Board
Partner,Apex Die Casters and BG Udyog
Researcher,Jain group of Institutions,Bangalore
Project Director,Asian Institute for Rural Development(AIRD)

6.30 PM to 8.00 PM 

Royal Orchid Central Hotel, 
47/1, Manipal Center,
Dickenson Road, Bangalore 

Profile of Speaker(s):
Dr. Rekha is a PhD in Economics with a reputed Guide. She has done her Diploma in Health informatics from NZ. She has 32 years of teaching and research experience. She is a partner of Apex Die Casters and B.G.Udyog. She is about to start another Company soon.


She has published books and research papers and Conference Papers. She has international exposure into NZ and USA. Her highest achievements as an Economist are (1)Becoming an ICSSR Senior Research Fellow and Karnataka State Planning Board member (2nd time). 


She is networked with more than 150 NGOs and SHGs. She has capability to translate among Hindi, English and Kannada. she is conversant in Telugu and Tamil. She is a member of some reputed Associations. She is present on the social media. She has both technical and bureaucratic family background. She is a value adhering, disciplined person who is people friendly and forward looking. 

Topic Description:
It is important for the global economy at this juncture to figure out how to generate employment through new ideas so as to prevent recession to set in and avoid stagnation of the economies. 
In this direction, her address to PM community is to highlight how She has moved from being a pure academician to understanding the need for applying the ideas in the theories in the given business environment. She would make it a point to place before the audience what it took to take up entrepreneurial efforts in parallel footing with academics. 
She would explain the beginning of two partnerships that successfully emerged as frontrunners in the industry. The background for enterprise would be emphasised. The evolution of the enterprises as partnership, the requisites, the challenges in meeting the criteria for production and sales would be shared. Labour relations, innovations and growth with the time line with the insights will add value to the PM fraternity.
She will summarize the factors that nurtured her as an Economist, growth as an Economist and culmination of her career as an Economist into a Planning Board Member and Senior Research Fellow of ICSSR. The frame work under which she now works as a Member of Karnataka State Planning Board, how best it can add value to the growth and development of Agriculture, Industries and Infrastructure of Indian economy will be placed for interaction. She will spend remaining time in interacting about the concepts, institutions, associations, processes she is related with, throughout her career foot prints..
Expected Take-away:
Audience can 
  •  -  get inspired to be innovative. 
  •  -  get some ideas with which they can incubate as entrepreneurs.  
  •  -  understand the way of drafting grant proposals for fund raising.  
  •  -  understand the processes to develop ideas into workable projects. 
  •  -  understand processes in initiating a partnership firm. 
  •  -  get a cursive view of how to emigrate. 
  •  -  understand the gains of moving ahead in spite of road blocks 
Audience can also network with her for counsel, consultation and for reference
she will give a copy of her published book of some proposals to browse through.