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PM Essence
PMPC 2016

 Project Managers' Practioners' conference


Pre Conference: Special PM Program 1


PM Enrich Masterclass 1 - Visualizing Big Data

Mr. Suhas S G, Data Scientist, Gramener, Mr. Vinay Acharya, Manager – Data Sciences, Gramener and Mr. Vivek Kumar, Manager – Data Consultant, Gramener started discussion with a thought from his professor “Software Project management is nothing but risk management”. Vivek added that visualizing Big data is all about making consumption of data more easy. They explained the four categories (Expose, Show, Explain and Explore) of data consumption with examples like cattle dying, google search and pharmaceutical analysis. Vinay enlightened all on data driven leadership hierarchy..


Pre Conference: Special PM Program 2

PM Enrich Masterclass 1 - Visualizing Big Data

Mr. Ameen Haque, Founder, Storywallahs, started the session by emphasizing the importance of stories and storytelling. He added stories make content memorable, best business comes from word of mouth and the word of mouth depends on memory. Story is all about power of words but words loose power if overused. His example on Sachin Tendulkar was very motivating to audience. He said “Life is the cricket pitch and we all are batsmen. He closed with a very nice thought that “Those who know how to imagine can innovate”.

The briefing was conducted by Col L Harsha, VP Academia Relationship, PMI Bangalore Chapter.



Pre Conference: Special PM Program 3


PM Enrich Masterclass : Challenge Yourself as a Woman Project Manager


Dr. Vanita Bhoola, Professor & Head, Centre of Project Management, S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) discussed with examples from the real world on how women can overcome gender segregation, in terms of organizational cultures, mindset patterns and social construction to emerge as successful Project Leaders. She enforced on women Project Managers weaknesses on Queen Bee Syndrome, Leaky Bucket Syndrome, Glass Ceiling Syndrome and Sticky Flooring Syndrome. Her experience sharing on the name of college mess from Spick and Span to Spice & Spoon was fantastic and applauded wholeheartedly by the audience.

PM Enrich Masterclass : Why So Serious?


Dr. Sabina Rao, Consultant Psychiatrist, Sakra World Hospital, relieved the stress of audience by showcasing realities of stress. She said everyone has stress, it's normal, we need to understand the thin line between normal and abnormal stress. By 2030 depression is predicted to become the top cause of disability. She added in a humorous manner, become a “Yogi”, one hour of yoga/running will keep us healthy”. She also added how working mothers can be role model for their kids. She completed her session with an explanation on Anti depressants.




PM Enrich Masterclass - Make that DIFFERENCE! (Panel Discussion)


Mr. Raghotham Kulkarni, Business Head - Search & Selection, Randstad India Pvt Ltd, Dr. Deepa Bhide, PMP, Associate Vice President, Research, Cotiviti and Ms. Suchitra Mishra, CEO, OBOlinx Tech Pvt. Ltd participated in an informative panel discussion moderated by Ms. Manjula Dharmalingam, Founder Harbinger Consulting Solutions. Discussion started in context to gender bias in hiring. Mr. Raghotham Kulkarni mentioned that most of the women in India are at Functional level. According to Dr. Deepa Bhide, women should worry about career as well as health, both should go in parallel. Ms. Suchitra Mishra added EQ is better than IQ, all women should show-up, speak up and stand-up.

Pre Conference: Zero Waste Awareness

Sustainable Waste

Ms. Malini Parmar, Founder, Stonesoup.in and Dr. Meenakshi Bharath, Gynaecologist and Fertility specialist, Clean Bangalore activist, enlightened the audience on Sustainable Waste Management. Discussion started by appreciating PMPC2016 Zero waste Management approach. They added, for effective waste management, all that is required is to simply segregate the waste properly. Their thought “Garbage is not garbage, rather, it is a resource” "The more innovative you are the better you are” struck the right chord with the audience. Consequences of using sanitary pads and how to manage was hilarious. They concluded the session by saying Bank Balance = Weight Balance and quoted an example, “Instead of giving chips, give banana whose peel can be composted and banana is good for health.”



ntroduction to Project Management Practitioners’ Conference (PMPC), 2016


Ms. Shilpa Gnaneshwar, Conference PMO for PMPC 2016 and Secretary and Treasurer, PMI Bangalore India Chapter gave an introduction to Project Management Practitioners' Conference 2016. She started her address by sharing the excellence of 10 years of PMPC including two years of PMNC. She gave a brief introduction on the size of PMPC 2016 where 60 speakers sharing their Project Management experience, 106 organizing committee members, 700 delegates, from more than 200 organizations spanning across industries, PSUs, NGOs and Academia. She also added that Chapter has introduced the theme of “zero waste” in this conference


PMPC 2016 Inauguration


PMPC 2016 inauguration started with a devotional song and was followed by lamp lighting to mark the beginning of the Conference on an auspicious note.


Welcome Address


Mr. Vijay Paul, President, PMI Bangalore India Chapter in his welcome address explained the link between Environment & Enterprise agility – the theme of our conference. He touched upon diverse definition of enterprise in today’s world. His address formally welcomed everyone in audience area.

Address By Chief Guest - Leadership challenges in a VUCA Environment


Chief Guest, Mr. R Gopalakrishnan, Former Director, TATA Sons addressed the delegates on the Leadership challenges in a VUCA environment. His beginning to the session itself mesmerized the audience when he mentioned “Power Points are real distractions so I don't use them”. His natural way of presenting the VUCA and relating it with 89 millions species was absolutely fantastic. There was not even one moment when audience took a breath without focussing on session. He enlightened the audience with six agile mantras and in a very entertaining way asked President PMIBC that if he wants, conference can be closed with these mantas. He closed his address with a very interesting story on intuition and how it works by referring to military in second world war.



Acknowledgement of Sponsors


Nimish Mehta, VP Marketing & Communication, PMI Bangalore India Chapter facilitated the acknowledgement ceremony to sponsors.


Leadership Talk - Leadership Agility


Mr. Anand Pillai, Managing Director, Leadership Matters Inc. spoke on Leadership Agility - The Ingredient That Will Define Next Generation Leadership. His hilarious beginning mentioning the key term DPP “Death by Power Point” rolled the audience. He presented the interesting four factor approach by explaining 4 Components, 4 Qualities, 4 Tools & 4 Developing methods. His six dog stories compelled the audience to laugh nonstop. He pointed out that in today's world where everyone has so many opportunities across domains and fields, where people can change the jobs without changing the parking lot, where MBA (Money Before All) is the real mantra, it's very difficult to keep people engaged and stick to organization. His quotes like “Specifications and water is easy to be walked upon when frozen” were applauded hard. Mr. Pillai, closed his talk with a guru mantra of KKDS “Kar ke dekhao ….


Recognition of Project Excellence


Soumen De, VP Outreach, PMI Bangalore India Chapter, hosted the recognition of project excellence for four prestigious organisations “BMRCL (Namma Metro), Saathi, Agastya Int’l Foundation and IRNSS (ISRO)


Address by PMI India


Mr. Raj Kalady, Managing Director, PMI India, shared his experience with PMI and insights of it. He added how the world is recognizing the importance of Project Management and Project Managers.



Enterprise Agility is Old News


Mr. Brian McMurray, Vice President - Engineering & Operations, General Motors Technical Center India, started his talk saying we are talking about something already knew i.e. Enterprise agility (EA). He said EA is not something which you buy as software or training. Whether you are keeping up or not keeping up with technology will determine your success. Examples on Hotels in India, Disney having 70% repeat business was very well taken. He made a profound statement when he said “People don't buy what you do but why you do what you do”. He closed his talk with a nice thought that speed, simplicity and trust combined with emotional connection is true enterprise agility

Agile mind and engagement of Managers in the changing Environment

Dr. Balaji M Sreeramulu, Vice President & Head - Human Resources, PA Software Systems started his address with a story of 54 years old asking for coaching to make her 24 years old girl and a man aged 64 years telling “I have committed suicide 3 times and 4th time surely will succeed; can you coach me?” Coaching them has made an inside transformation and now both are living happily and willing to live longer. His five well beings– health, wealth, social, community & spritiual along with quote “You are bigger than what you think” mesmerized the audience. His breathing exercises gave audience a stress reliever. His philosophy on alignment of image of self carried by self & other and how it makes you effective was well


Panel Discussion - Customer Driven Product


Mr. Narayana Peesapaty, Founder, Bakeys, Mr. Madhuchandan SC, Co-Founder, Organic Mandya, Mr. Sundharesan Jayamoorthi, Life Coach for Directors & Compliance Guru and Mr. Shivananda Salgame, Co Founder & Director, Guru-G Learning Labs started an informative panel discussion on Customer Driven Product, moderated by Mr. Naganand Doraswamy, President, The Indus Entrepreneurs. Moderator started the talk asking emienent panel about their own experince of startups in diverst domains. Mr. Madhuchandan shared his story on how he visited Bangalore and interacted with people from Mandya which inspired him to go back to Mandya from US and encourage farming. Mr. Sundharesan said, Have a product but never say “Assali Hai”. Viable product is that with which you are convinced. Mr. Narayana P shared his case studies on Yum from Delhi and Café Coffee Day to bring out no plastic revolution. There is a similarly between bungee jumping and startup, you will go down and down , then all of a suggen you get the required energy to jump back again with a massive momentum. Mr. Shivananda asked whether we are solving a real problem? If we are, we need to do it at a right scale. Agility and availability are very important.

Product & Service Development


Mr. Sanu Samuel, Vice President and Head of Delivery Excellence & Quality, Mphasis mentioned how robotic process automation (RPA) is revolutionizing the way we think about & administer business processes and IT support processes. His explanation on 70% reduction in effort translating to 60% reduction in cost was interesting. Demo on error occurred and auto ticketing tool was involving. He mentioned, 100 people handling data centre ticketing for one client has been reduced to 90% using this tool.



 Cognitive Computing - A Disruptive Enabler : How Next - Gen computiing changes the way we live and work


Dr. Sandipan Sarkar, Cognitive Computing Leader, Distinguished Chief Architect, IBM India Pvt. Ltd., said Man and Machine need to come closure in overcoming their respective limitations, he explained how Cognitive computing capabilities resemble the human learning and thinking process. He started his session with a video on a fiction movie in 1960 followed by a video in 2011 showing quiz between machine and human which is making it reality. The video on cancer and how cognitive computing is pushing the envelope of cancer diagnosis made a very strong emotional connect with the audience.

Day 3 of PMPC 2016 began with a welcome address by Mr. Balakrishna Kasibatla, VP Membership, PMI Bangalore India Chapter.



The Challenge that was - The World Culture Festival (Project Discussion)


Mr. Jayaram B G, Region Mentor, PMI and Ms. Rajita Kulkarni, President, World Forum for Ethics in Business presented the case study on Challenges faced for a massive Project “World Culture Festival” and how it was successfully executed, given the constraints.


One of the key success factor was the vertical and horizontal slicing of core team working with a size of 30000 enthusiastic volunteers she explained.