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November 2016

Newsletter November 2016
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Lighter Side of PM

Lighter Side of PM
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Q. This is an unintended break in a network diagram of Project schedule?


A. A basic scheduling rule is that every task should have at least one predecessor and at least one successor. The obvious exception is the project start milestone, which has no predecessor, and the project complete milestone, which has no successor. When a task lacks a predecessor and/or successor, in other words, a task missing required logical relationships, has a 'hanger,' which is an unintended break in the project network diagram. The problem is that the forward and backward pass calculations will be incomplete and possibly wrong because each hanger results in a roadblock for critical path method calculations.


[Source - Internet]



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Formation of Defence, Space, Aerospace and PSU (DAPSU) Industry Forum

PMI Bangalore India Chapter has been striving to spread knowledge & practices about Project Management across different sectors & industries. Karnataka has traditionally been a city of preference for Defence, Space & Aerospace. Research & Production establishments has a great track record of delivering programs of national importance. Now, with many other global multinational & private sector institutions putting their investments for setting up state of the art global scale facilities, this industry is expected to leapfrog in next few years.


With Defence & Space Industries tasked with strategic projects for the country, the success of their programs projects requires that the project management skills percolate to different levels within the organizations and institutions. There have been many success stories with remarkable outcomes but with changing customer requirements due to the continuously changing environment, technological innovations, skill challenges, need for honing skills and competencies is a continuous process for every organization. There are unique challenges and project management frameworks would call for special ideas and experiences to address stakeholders' demands & deliver successful strategic demands of security and other national initiatives.


Considering these challenges PMI Bangalore India Chapter has created Defence, Space, Aerospace & PSU Industry (DAPSU) Forum to focus on helping Project Management community for dissemination of current knowledge, tool & practices and thought leadership under the guidance of the subject matter experts from the industry.


The DAPSU will have Advisory Board comprising of luminaries from Defence & Space Institutions & Research Establishments, Leading PSU's in Bangalore, Member Associations in this Sector and PMI Bangalore India Chapter Board members.


The PMI Bangalore India Chapter Board and the Advisory Board met on 15th October 2016 to kick off this initiative.

The meeting discussed and agreed on the following aspects:

  1. Vision, Mission, and Objectives
  2. Structure
  3. Governance/Advisory Board and Other Stakeholders
  4. Cross-pollinate learning from the E&C Forum
  5. Forum Initiatives
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Members Corner

Dear Members,


Membership Statistics: Our Chapter had 87 new members and 86 members renewed their membership in October 2016. On behalf of PMI Bangalore India Chapter, I welcome all new members and thank them for renewing their membership.


EEP Update: Members who missed to renew their membership post December 2015 can still avail membership fee benefit of $65 as part of Economic Exception Program, Renew your membership today.


Appended is the list of few FREE web-based seminars (webinars) for November 2016, we have shared same list to your registered email; this is a good opportunity to earn PDUs and claim at PMI to maintain your credentials.

Member's Speak

  • "Joined PMI Bangalore India Chapter as it provides Opportunities to work with fellow practitioners to learn on product management and share my experience in Project Management and delivery." - Abhishek Verma (1943362)
  • "I am actively seeking PMP certification and joined Chapter to leverage the resources and opportunities PMI Bangalore India Chapter provides for PM professionals." - Devidas Vitthal Rao Kasar (4678816)
  • "Joined PMI Bangalore India Chapter as it provides opportunities to network, learn and share knowledge." - Swaroop Bharadwaj (4676115)
  • "I am a Project Management professional and activity seeking PMP certification and looking forward to connect with fellow practitioners to learn, share and grow". - Ashok Hegde (1519326)

For more webinars, please logon to ProjectManagement.com with your PMI credentials.
For any queries or suggestions, please write to Balakrishna Kasibatla, PMP, VP Membership, PMI Bangalore India Chapter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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PM Open Space Community Event


PM Open space is one of the collaborative initiative by PMI Bangalore India Chapter and Corporate entities in ITPL & Whitefield Hub to connect with PM community on quarterly basis. The PM Open Space organises PM Industry Practitioners Event with the help of likeminded volunteers. These events provide opportunities of bringing together Project Management professionals to learn, share & grow. The event usually have a luminary speaker who covers topic about PM knowledge area from leadership perspective.


Till now this community has held 3 PM Open space events this is gaining lot of momentum. On October 13th 2016 PM open space event was organised @ ABB Global campus. Mr. Ashok Soota, Executive Chairman of Happiest Mind gave his talk on "Optimizing Business Value through Project Excellence".


Mr. Soota touched upon number of factors with which PM can make a difference. He emphasised on Know Your Customers' Customer (KYCC) for PM's to understand where their project is making the strategic impact. His key message has been that "Project can fail and will fail but it's important as Project Management professional how you identify risks and manage them along with managing key stakeholders". After the session there was a lively Q&A session where he shared his personal experiences he had over his long career.

Overall there are 220+ people joined this event and event was also webcasted to a number of Whitefield organisations.


The main host of the event was Mr. Wilhelm Wiese Head, India Development Center, ABB Global supported by Mr. Srikanth Ranganathan, Vice President of Engineering Huawei. Core Volunteers who planned & executed this event have been drawn from various companies like Mr. Palash Gupta, Huawei, Mr. K.S. Bhat, Mr. Gladstoe Leslie Samuel from ABB Global, Mr. Ravi Murthy from SAP.

Next PM Open Space session will be held at SAP Campus.