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Applying Startup Principles in Virtual Project Management
Srinidhi Prahlad

Srinidhi Prahlad 
CEO, Reinventio

6.30 PM to 8.00 PM 

Royal Orchid Central Hotel, 
47/1, Manipal Center,
Dickenson Road, Bangalore 


Profile of Speaker:
Mr. Srinidhi Prahlad started up at the age of 12, with a public library with home delivery option. Today he is the founder and CEO of Reinventio, an education startup.

He is also an awarded published author, mentor to more than twenty startups, motivational speaker invited across India. His innovative book for learning Sanskrit is about to be circulated across all schools in Karnataka.

He went on to become Vice Chair of IEEE India SAC, Chairperson of IEEE Student Leadership Congress, NIE IEEE Student Branch Chairperson, NIE Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell’s Secretary and Editor-in-Chief of Mysore Engineer.

He has held various other leadership roles throughout his life and has managed many national and international projects in various domains. He has won a number of awards for his oratory and writing skills.

His passions include Hindustani music, numismatics, experimental physics, tinkering with electronics and bathroom singing.
Topic Description: 

With the world becoming a global village, virtual project management is becoming more relevant day by day. Conventional project management techniques if coupled with startup principles can make virtual project management easier, more efficient and agile.

Mr. Prahlad would like to share these concepts through two personal experiences:

a) Managing Industry Relations for IEEE (world’s largest technical organization) as its Vice Chair (SAC) where in he handled collaboration at India level representing around 300 colleges. Virtually managing a pan India team, comprising of a multi-tier hierarchy, thousands of office-bearers at various levels, and involving lakhs of students gave me deep insights.

b) Running an international startup- Reinventio, starting it up from scratch. Without having even met most of his team members physically, building such a team, leading eight products to completion, was a rewarding experience.

Applying these startup principles in virtual management would be the crux of the presentation.
Expected Take-away:
Conventional project management can only yield so much in a fastly changing global economy. More and more large companies like Yahoo, Google are tending to look at their projects as startups, thus employing Agile Management, Scrum methodologies and startup principles. With this being the scenario, it only makes sense to rethink about virtual project management to adopt startup principles as well.

Audience will be exposed to an alternate approach to virtual project management, its key takeaways and the speaker’s learnings through anecdotal experiences. It will also expose them to the current trends in student entrepreneurship, the changes it is bringing to project management principles in general, and a fresh look at what project managers have been mastering over years.