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Newsletter - Jan 2014

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PM Essence
Chapter News

- Capt. L. N. Prasad
Jan2014 chapnews PM Footprints session: The December 2013 PM Footprints session was held on 5th and 19th December 2013. On 5th, December Mr. N. Parthasarthy, an independent Project Consultant spoke on the topic "Use Work Authorization System as a Risk Reduction Tool".

Commonly known as the “permit-to-work” system, this form of work authorization is used for controlling potentially high-risk activities in the construction and commissioning phases.   
On 19 December 2013 Mr. N. Jayaram of ANZ Banking Group spoke on the topic "Program management - Way Forward and Experiences". Both the talks were well very received by the enthusiastic participants.

Distribution of Vidyadeepa:
On 28th December 2013 Rotary Club West and the Chapter, as a part of the CSR activities distributed LED lamps and the newly initiated 'e-Patashala' materials to the students of Government High School, Doddashivara, Malur taluk, Kolar District. Vidyadeepa project is meant to distribute solar lamps and batch charger to school children in and around Bangalore while e-Patahshala is meant to distribute laptops/desktops to the schools. It is a part of our initiative to transform the lives of school going children who are often challenged with regular power cuts and easy access to computer trainings. This year, Rotary Club West has set up an ambitious plan to distribute nearly 5000 lamps to various rural school children. This is being done with the assistance of the PMI Bangalore Chapter and a team of volunteers.
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PM Essence
Shikha Vaidh, PMP, PMI-ACP

Shikha successfully completed the PMI-ACP Certification in December 2013. Here is brief excerpt on her experiences on taking this examination.

"Thanks to my company Capgemini, PMI Bangalore Chapter and the reputed Bangalore based REP who supported me in giving the insights on PMI-ACP concepts and all the required support.

Here are some key things I did that may help a potential candidate who would take this examination in future:

1. Mike Griffiths PMI-ACP book was the base of my preparation, which helped in clarifying the ACP concepts.

2. Revised the topics before the exam. Did not mug up anything, as it's all situational.

3. Practiced lots of mock exams available on internet which helped in understanding the scenarios, how and when to apply which Agile practice.

4. Before the final exam, took the free full length mock test provided by the REP at their website.

5. During the exam, I finished early and reviewed all the questions carefully and confirmed the answers once again.

6. Finally, after the survey saw "Congratulations" flashing on the screen I took a deep breath as it meant I was done with "PMI-ACP".

Message to all PMI-ACP aspirants, “Believe in your knowledge and attempt the questions with confidence. If you have studied correctly you may be able to find the correct answer easily.”

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PM Essence
Q. This is a very powerful technique that facilitates effective decision making using a framework that analyzes tradeoffs involving widely disparate things?

A. In the past, decision makers have relied mostly on instinct, common sense, and guesswork. To have a more rational approach, the authors have developed a system-which they call even swaps-that provides a practical way of making trade-offs among a range of objectives across a range of alternatives. The even-swap method will not make complex decisions easy; you'll still have to make hard choices about the values you set and the trades you make. What it does provide is a reliable mechanisms for making trades and a coherent framework in which to make them. By simplifying and codifying the mechanical elements of trade-offs, the even-swap method lets you focus all your mental energy on the most important work of decision making: deciding the real value to your company of different courses of action. For illustration and further reading refer www.muhlenberg.edu/depts/abe/business/miller/mscipp/choices.ppt

[Source - Internet]

We like to hear what you think!!

Please complete the sentence below with your thoughts in 10-15 words and send them to. The best entry will win attractive goodies from PMI Bangalore India Chapter.

"Operations” keeps the lights on, while Project Management............

Please provide your response by 30th January 2014

Chapter will select the best slogan and felicitate the winner during a Chapter event.

In our last edition, we had asked you to express your thoughts in 10-15 words to continue the following sentence

A project without a critical path is like .............

and the best response is . . . "constructing building without knowing max # of floors"

... and the Winner is - Namita Gupta, PMP, UADAI

This slogan elicited the maximum number of responses till date. Although the intention here was to unleash your creative thinking, we all know, the only way you cannot have a reliable critical path is because the dependencies have not been put in the schedule. Thank you for the interesting discussion and passion to contribute to this section.

The Lighter Side of PM
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PM Essence
PMI Bangalore India Chapter is looking for Directors to join the Executive Committee (EC) Board of Directors
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PM Essence

ssvraghavan            M.S. Hiremath
         BE, PMP, MBA, FIE.

Mr. Hiremath MS is currently an Independent Consultant operating out of Bangalore.

Prior to that he spent to close to four, decades as a project management professional in projects, products and services segments in the Defence Electronics, He has experience working in various roles including production control, production planning, engineering services.

In addition to this, he teaches at Alliance Business Academy for their MBA students in project management, at the Bangalore Chapter for PMP Aspirants and freelances for organizations for training in MS Project and Primavera. He is a PMP trainer. He has served 36 years as project manager in various capacities in Bharat Electronics Ltd Bangalore. He was management representative (MR), for QMS and EMS. He was qualified internal quality auditor for ISO quality standard and EMS standard. He is a fellow member of Institution of Engineers India, and a certified project management professional (PMP) by Project Management Institute U.S.A, and was on the Executive Committee/Board of PMI Bangalore India Chapter and was their Vice President, Programs. He has Master's degree in Business Administration with specialization in Project Management.

He is a member of Project Management Institute (PMI) U.S.A

Roughly how many hours per week or per month you spend on volunteering for PMI activities?
Roughly five hours/week but it can go up during major Chapter events.

What motivates you to volunteer for PMI ?
My strong passion for project management.

What have been the challenges for volunteering at the Chapter?
I am visiting faculty to some of MBA colleges and trainer in M S Project. For PMI volunteering work, I may
have to reschedule the above mentioned assignments.

PMI Volunteering, Professional commitment, Personal commitment - How do you balance the three?

If planned well, balancing the PMI volunteering, professional commitment, personal commitment can be

There will be harmony, not conflict among the three. Depending on situation, I prioritize and plan.

Name any 1-2 best volunteering experience?
Teaching in PMP QUEST program. I have 36 years of experience in project management.
Sharing this experience while teaching in PMP QUEST gives me tremendous joy.

Tell us your hobbies, or things you are passionate about, other than volunteering
at PMI?
Learning project management scheduling tools in depth and performing meditation for relaxation.

What will be your message for your fellow volunteers?

Learn, share and grow by volunteering for Chapter activities and by leveraging the Chapter events to
expand professional network with talented PM Professionals.

What is your thought on preferred recognition for volunteering?

Public verbal recognition can go a long way is motivating the passionate volunteers.

M.S. Hiremath, BE, PMP, MBA, FIE, PMP