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Newsletter - Feb 2014

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Chapter News

- Capt. L. N. Prasad
feb2014 chapnews PM Footprints session: During the month of January two PM Footprints sessions were held. On 2nd January, Mr.Anand Murthy Raj, Project Manager/Scrum Master, HP, Bangalore spoke on the topic of “Common Mistakes by Agile teams”. He shared his experience in adopting 'Agile' techniques and some 'lessons learnt' during project implementation in his organization.   

On 16th January, Mr. Niladri Choudhury, Expert Consultant and Trainer in Portfolio, Program and Project Management spoke on the topic of “Key Insights into Project Portfolio Management (PPM)”. The talk gave a nice overview of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and how some of the key concepts of PPM can be used to analyse and collectively manage a group of current or proposed projects.

Both the topics generated a lot of interest and discussion among the participants. 

feb2014 chapnews
IEEE CONECCT 2014 - On 7th January the chapter put up a stall at the IEEE CONECCT 2014 exhibition and conference held at J. N. Tata Auditorium at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The Chapter Stall was able to generate lot of interest about PMI and its activities among Students and other participants of the conference. It may be recalled that PMI Bangalore Chapter and IEEE Bangalore Section have agreed for joint cooperation and development of professional activities.

Vidyadeepa (Light for Education) Project: The Vidyadeepa Project is a joint initiative of both the Chapter and Rotary Club west. Aimed at distributing around LED Lamps and eTeaching Aids to around 100 schools around Bangalore, this has made a considerable progress and by the end of January 2014 nearly 800 kits has been distributed.
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PM Essence

Nagesh Ramamurthy, M.Engg, M.Sc, PMP, CSQA

In October 2013, Nagesh became the first member of Bangalore India Chapter to graduate from the PMI Leadership Institute Master Class. The PMI Leadership Institute Master Class, focuses on developing a sharper strategic vision and collaborative project for continuous self-evaluation and development. He is presently the Senior Director, PMO & Help Desk Services at Cegedim Software India Private Limited.

He served as the Chair of the 2013 PMI Board Volunteer Advisory Committee, and is currently a member of the PMI Professional Awards Program Member Advisory Group. Graduates of the PMI Leadership Institute Masters Class are active volunteer leaders who work worldwide to advance project management standards which deliver predictable, repeatable and profitable results

Sathish Kumar T. S., PMP

Mr. Sathish is presently the Manager at Pace Micro Technology India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. He successfully completed his PMP Exam in November 2013 and shared his experience of PMP Journey.

Prior to his PMP Mr. Sathish passed with "A" Grade a PM course last year at IISc, Bangalore. With this foundation at IISc on Project Management course Mr. Sathish planned for PMP.

 In July'13 he enrolled for PMP Quest to align with PMBOK methodology and passed the Exam in November 2013. His elder brother Mr. Raghavendra Rao T. S., PMP, CSM gave him much of the guidance and support required.

Mr. Sathish then volunteered for a presentation on PMP examination and preparation for a 2014 batch of 30 students at IISc. He says he was very fortunate to present this at IISc and bringing in the awareness about PMP Exam and Certification.

Post his PMP® Credential Mr. Sathish is also guiding some of his colleagues and friends who are PMP® aspirants to take up the PMP Exam and pass in it their first attempt there by sharing his newly acquired knowledge.

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PM Essence
Q. In project management, this is a formal study of "the space between where we are and where we want to be." What is it?

In information technology, gap analysis is an assessment tool to help identify differences between information systems or applications. A gap is sometimes called "the space between where we are and where we want to be."

A gap analysis helps bridge that space by highlighting which requirements are being met and which are not. The tool provides a foundation for measuring the investment of time, money and human resources that's required to achieve a particular outcome.

In software development, for instance, a gap analysis can be used to document which services and/or functions have been accidentally left out, which ones have been deliberately eliminated and which still need to be developed. In compliance, a gap analysis can be used to compare what is required by law to what is currently being done.

[Source - Internet]

We like to hear what you think!!

Please complete the sentence below with your thoughts in 10-15 words and send them to. The best entry will win attractive goodies from PMI Bangalore India Chapter.

"A good project definition significantly increases the chances of project success as"............

Please provide your response by 28th February 2014

Chapter will select the best slogan and felicitate the winner during a Chapter event.

In our last edition, we had asked you to express your thoughts in 10-15 words to continue the following sentence

Operations” keeps the lights on, while Project Management.............

and the best response is . . . "brings new lights on-board"

... and the Winner is - Vivek Saurabh, PMP, Gyansys Inc.

The Lighter Side of PM
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raghunath          Raghunatha K., PMP

With more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, he has been actively involved in development and Implementation of process frame work based on PMBOK, ISO, CMMI Development and Service Models.

He has also been instrumental in designing and implementation of work flow based tools for managing the project management activities by using HP PPM at his workplace.

His expertise also lies in designing, developing and implementing measurement framework by including process performance models, governance and health check

Roughly how many hours per week or per month you spend on volunteering for PMI activities?
Around 4 to 6 hour per month and these will increase during major initiatives.

What motivates you to volunteer for PMI ?
Passion, learning and exposure motivates to be part of PMI.

What have been the challenges for volunteering at the Chapter?
Harmonizing the professional, personal and Chapter activities.

PMI Volunteering, Professional commitment, Personal commitment - How do you balance the three?

By planning, delegating and leveraging technology, I have balanced the requirements of these competing demands.

Name any 1-2 best volunteering experience?
I am part of PMI Bangalore Chapter from last 9 years. The annual PMPC content development and improvement of the PM Quest content have been two of the memorable volunteering.

Tell us your hobbies, or things you are passionate about, other than volunteering
at PMI?
Reading books.

What will be your message for your fellow volunteers?

Networking and good communication skills are essentials for professional growth, and volunteering provides an excellent platform to master both.

What is your thought on preferred recognition for volunteering?

An annual get together to facilitate volunteers interaction and exchange of personal experiences.

Raghunatha K., PMP

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PM Essence
Editor’s Note
SoumenDe Dear Friends,

Greetings from PMI Bangalore India Chapter!

One of the thing that really caught my attention was the news of Satya Nadella, the Indian born from Anatapur in Andhra Pradesh becoming the CEO of one of the world's largest IT Company, Microsoft on first week of February. He defined himself as someone with a sense of curiosity and thirst for learning.
In his message to his employees he told this thing which appeared very inspirational “The best work happens when you know that it's not just work, but something that will improve other people's lives” While this definitely applies to us in our professional work, but I would imagine it also applies to all our volunteers who spend hours together to improve other people's lives. The Vidyadeepa project is a standing testimonial where we are helping the school children from remote villages to catch up with their studies when they get those nagging power cuts at night.

Our volunteer PM Quest faculty members is another example. Recently during the PM Quest Faculty meet, the volunteers got together and brainstormed ideas on how to make the PM Quest module a notch better to help interested PM community members to take up the PMP certification test with lots of confidence. We continued our association with IEEE to expand our understanding of emerging trends in today's time and enable the cooperation between industry and academia. I had often mentioned, PM volunteering offers you the readily available platform to hone your people management and leadership skills and thereby attain the satisfaction by making the lives of other people better. Do share your thoughts and suggestion with us.                                                                             
Happy Reading!

Thanks and Best Wishes,

Soumen De, PMP
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Editorial Board
Murali Santhanam, PMP
Raghavan S.S.V., PMP
Shikha Vaidh, PMP, PMI-ACP
Soumen De, PMP