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PM Essence

Human Mind - Key to Better Management for Managers

By - Neha Verma, Director - Marketing, Tinder-Box

Centre of the Atom is the proton and a field of negative charges orbits it. Similarly, we too have virtues at the centre of our being. One has to realise it, to cease roaming the outer orbits. Open your senses to learn some virtues from every part of the world- Best Teamwork from Japan, Accuracy from Germany, Impressive Marketing Strategy from United States, Politeness & Refinement from British and Superb Human Values from India.
Concrete + Abstract = Human Life, where Body is Concrete & Mind is Abstract.
Every negative and positive thought emanate from the same brain. Do you know very little about yourselves? I think, yes!! Being better aware of our own mind helps us to understand life better. Human Life is structured just like an atom.
Perfect Management Source - Inner Transformation: Motivation & Inspiration
Some Approaches are maximum times Short-Lived & also have a Temporary Effect because motivation comes from outside but on other hand Inspiration is more Effective & Long-Lasting as it comes from within. For Project Managers, workplace should be source of inspiration to work enthusiastically. How Project managers handling such tricky projects, can achieve personal excellence? It is a need of this hour for over all personal and organizational growth. Above all, Sense of Belongingness!! Transforming the Human Mind is the key to driving success.
Depression has become a common phenomenon in today's workplace,. Maximum selling drugs these days are antidepressant in premium colleges/ universities etc. Big Chunk of population in Europe is depressed; with slow down in economy and various other reasons. If people around you in the office are taking anti-depressant, do you really believe them to deliver best results? Answer obviously is NO.
Patience and poise – Important Ingredient for Young Budding Managers
Managers require sharp intellect, patience, endurance and presence of mind. But have we ever taken a close look at our minds to gain these two? I have no idea what to reply this question- as this is on individual. But in my opinion, our true gain comes from our seven levels of existence: body, breath, mind, memory, intellect, ego & self. So start looking on these things slowly, patiently listen to your inner dialogue, look closely to certain matters and then come up with your opinion.
Yes we are very spontaneous in our speaking, decision-making, overall actions etc but we need to look closely at ourselves, our lives and the roles we are playing at any given time. I am sure we'll be able to gain patience and poise easily. Above all, sign of true success is the ability to smile at all times.
Something lies at Back Of Our Mind- Time to Nurture same
Complete ABC of life, most vital prerequisites to progress in any field and need of this era in all businesses & industry.
Awareness + Belongingness + Commitment = ABC OF LIFE
1st Requisite - Awareness
Are we too greedy? Too materialistic? Too much unethical? And simply destroying our planet? We need to hone our awareness on various levels- Environmental awareness, awareness of human values, awareness of ethics in our business.
2nd Requisite - Belongingness
Do you have this sense or are you creating sense of belongingness in people around you? To run a corporation we need to bind its people together, indulge a sense of belongingness in them. And you'll be amazed to see success of any business and individual also depends to a great extent on the degree of belongingness among its people.
3rd Requisite - Commitment
Simple, need to give more encouragement and time and you'll achieve sense of commitment easily. This is one of the contributing factors to progress which gives you direction to achieve certain role. So finally, alertness in the state of mind and conscious of what mind is saying to itself can create a big transformation in your work place.
Mind Struggles - Between Spiritual and Material Happiness!
Are Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) and Vishnu (Protector of the World) filing for divorce? Are they fighting with each other? If they can both live together very happily and you all, also believe them then why don't we integrate Spiritual and Material Happiness? Where is the struggle in our mind?
Relax your mind, negative charges will definitely orbits it but we have to take some time off and dedicate ourselves to some spiritual life. Basically to find out the answer of, what is the purpose of our life? It helps you in getting some soothing mind; relax from your stress, and getting a real joy, which is really missing somewhere. Change your mind from 'Joy of getting to Joy of giving'.
That is what makes your life very rich and satisfied.