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PM Essence
Q. This is an advanced risk management tool for proactive risk analysis and used very popularly by United States Department of Defence (DoD)? 

A. This RiskAoA is a United States Department of Defense (USDoD) project tool, allowing the instantaneous review of portfolio, proposal or alternatives. It was designed by Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to perform proactive risk analysis for the (AoA) process. RiskAoA is a simple to use program that allows the predictive and quantitative assessment of the Risks associated with alternatives, capital assets planning or, any decision. The capability and algorithms for the program are unprecedented; making RiskAoA the most advanced alternatives management technology employed institutionally and the first demonstrating the predictive character of the risk discipline. RiskAoA is separate and distinct from other-transforming qualitative statements of an alternative or option risk into a single quantitative value as useful as the cost and schedule associated with each alternative.
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