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PM Essence
Q. This is a tool used to conceptualize the influence of a person or group. This also helps in focused decision making at individual and organization level?

A. Power mapping is a visual tool used by social advocates to identify the best individuals to target to promote social change. The role of relationships and networks is very important when advocates seek change in a social justice issue. The power mapping process entails use of a visual tool to conceptualize the sphere of a person or group's influence. The power map tool helps to visualize whom you need to influence, who can influence your target and what can be done to influence the identified person with power. Power Mapping is often politically focused and is frequently used to persuade decision makers to alter how they may vote on an issue. It can also be used to convince an organization to take a stand, persuade a foundation to give your organization a grant, or compel a newspaper to write a favorable editorial.
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PMI-ACP® exam is changing in 2015 – Important note for aspiring PMI-ACP® exam takers this year

PMI-ACP® was introduced in 2011 as the pioneering Agile certification from PMI, USA. As a practice, PMI continues to improvise the content through large-scale survey of certified PMI-ACP® holders and non-certified agile practitioners to help revise the domains, tasks, knowledge and skills, as well as tools and techniques. As an outcome of the Role Delineation Study (RDS) involving over 1,000 agilists from 60 countries, few changes have been introduced in the PMI-ACP® course content. A new domain called Agile Principles and Mindset has been added to the already existing list of domains. Also, 62 tasks have been validated in context of the seven domains of practice.
The reference material for the exam has also been revised to include books on Kanban, Scrum and Extreme Programming. All details about the revised PMI-ACP® certification is available at with links at the right pane of the page.
It is extremely important for aspiring candidates to review all the books as the past exam questions have been not just on Scrum but on Lean, XP. In this year, candidates can surely expect on Principles & Mindset domain given that it has been added recently this year. It is also highly recommended that candidates should leverage the groups on LinkedIn where certified professionals share tips and tricks notonlyon the preparation but also on clearing theexam successfully.
For people who are taking the exam between 15-Jul-15 and 16-Aug-15, PMI is providing reabate on the exam fees. The new exam would be in effect until 14-Oct-15 (starting from 15-Jul-15) with results staggered till 22-Oct. Candidates are requested to view the revised exam content outline at http://www.pmi.org/certification/exam-changes/pmi-acp.aspx
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