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PMPC 2013

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Technical Papers - Important Dates

Milestones Dates
Last date for submission of abstracts 10 Jun 2013
Intimation of acceptance of abstracts 15 Jun 2013
Last date for submission of papers 10 Jul 2013
Intimation about shortlisting of papers 20 Jul 2013
Submission of presentations 05 Aug 2013
Review of presentation 10 Aug 2013
Final review of presentation 20 Aug 2013
Intimation to finalized speakers 25 Aug 2013
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pmpc logo Technical Papers are invited for PMPC 2013
business transformation...
The turbulent global economic condition over the last couple of years, coupled with mismatching human competencies has been both a challenge and nightmare to organizations. They are striving relentlessly to rejuvenate business, and transformation – organizational and processes have been two popular routes taken. The objective of Project Management Practitioners’ Conference 2013 is to showcase how good project management practices have been instrumental in architecting business transformation.

The success of Business Transformation hinges on precision in strategy formulation and perfection in execution of these strategic plans. Therefore, the main themes for the technical papers will also be aligned to these two aspects of how good Project Management principles and practices have resulted in effective business transformation. The sub themes indicated below are only an indicative list but is not restrictive in any way. Authors can submit abstracts and papers on any other topic which has resulted in business transformation. The linkage between the project management practice and business transformation will the key during review of abstracts and papers during the shortlisting process.

Project Management Practitioners are requested to submit abstracts and technical papers on the following themes for the upcoming PMPC 2013 scheduled from 12 – 14 Sep 2013 at NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore. The authors are requested to submit in advance an ABSTRACT of their paper so as to reach the Chapter on or before the 10th June, 2013.
The central theme of the conference is:
business transformation...
The Technical Papers Review Committee would select the final papers to be published in the conference souvenir. Based on the quality, content, intent and relevance of the papers, some of the selected authors would be invited to present their papers in the conference.

The paper/contribution should focus on a subject pertaining to one of the two tracks or a sub-track within a track. It is suggested that the following aspects are covered in the papers in each track/sub track:
  1. Case studies, Best practices, lessons learnt, examples from real world experiences in applying project management.
  2. Innovation and thought leadership in Project Management profession.
  3. Tools, techniques and proven frameworks/methodologies etc.
  4. Professional values, ethics in the project management profession.
Guidelines to write a Technical Paper
Editorial Guidelines
Broad framework for presenting the paper
Paper review process and Evaluation Guidelines
Important Dates
The decision of the Review Committee shall be final. Since the proceedings of the Conference would be put up in the Chapter Website, authors are also requested to advise the Chapter upfront if there are any restrictions on any portion of the contents of their paper being transferred to the public domain.
Authors are requested to submit the Technical papers based on the following Topics:
Business Model Restructuring Realization of Strategic Intent
o Strategies for Business Transformation
o Innovative products, practices and processes
o Leveraging Social Network
o Social Transformation
o Leadership Challenges
o Flexibility in Execution of Strategic Plans
o HR Competencies as an Accelerator
For any queries, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Project Management Practitioners' Conference 2013

PMPC 2013 Logo

for business transformation...

September 12-14, Thu-Sat, 2013
NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore

"The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday's logic".
- Peter Drucker

We realize what brought us here will not take us there. We need to embrace change as part of our journey to remain relevant and be successful. History is replete with many examples wherein yesterday's leaders, as a result of resisting change, either went into oblivion or were forced to become followers.

Business transformation has enabled organizations to successfully adapt to change. It has also allowed organizations to run their business faster and smarter to set up a strong foundation for long term success on an ongoing basis. Leaders driving successful transformation are able to address the formidable challenges associated with strategy, people, culture and business processes to seamlessly integrate it with the external environment to deliver business value.

Project and Program Management discipline is a key to successful execution of this transformational agenda, as it has always served as an important catalyst to drive these changes. With a quest to search, present, discuss, share and learn linkages and unleash the potential of project management to drive business transformation, we announce the 8th annual Project Management Practitioners' conference (PMPC) in Bangalore during September 12th -14th 2013.

You could contribute by:
  1. Presenting Technical papers
  2. Volunteering to the event committee
  3. Reviewing content
  4. Being a champion to propagate within your organization
  5. Obtaining sponsorship

Earn up to 22 PDUs:
  1. 18 PDUs for attending the conference on September 12th, 13th & 14th
  2. 4 PDUs for early-birds choosing to attend Special Programs on September 12th
If you would like us to periodically keep you posted about the conference, please click on the Pre-Register link below  
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Claiming PDUs for PMPC 2013

Participation Certificate 

The Participation Certificate for PMPC 2013 is available as eCertificate for download. The Certificate indicates the maximum PDUs you can claim and the details required for claiming the PDUs.

If you have attended Special Programs, you can download a separate certificate for the Special Program by selecting the Special Program you have attended while downloading the certificate.

Your Attendee ID to generate the PDU certificate is available in the delegate badge issued to you at the venue and also available in the email id registered for PMPC 2013.

Please Click here to generate the PDF certificate.

Report PDUs

Log in to the PMI CCR System.https://ccrs.pmi.org/default.aspx
Use your registered PMI.org username and password.
If you are not registered on PMI.org, you will need to create a registered user account.

A detailed “Certificant User Guide” is available at the top of the right navigation bar under the “Additional Resources” heading.

Select “Report Professional Development Units (PDUs)” near the top of the left navigation bar.

 Select PDU Category Step 1 
  From the “PDU category” drop-down menu,
  select “Cat A: Registered Education Provider program / PMI Component"
  From "Activity Type" drop down menu,
  select “Activity type” menu, select “Find an Activity (Course or Event).”
  Click “Next.”

 Provider Activity Search Criteria  Step 2 
  “Provider number” as C136 and click “Search”.
  Select one of the following “Activity #” column from the Search Result

  C136 - PMPC-13

  Special Program - Deeper Issues and Leadership

  Special Program - Enterprise Portfolio Management

 Search Results Step 3 
  Provide the Date Started, Date Ended and answer other questions asked on the web page. Click “Next”.

 Follow “Step 4” through “Step 6” on the website to input the information requested to claim your PDUs.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact PMI Customer Care at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..