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Project Management thoughts: Finding the right talent for the job, including getting married and utilizing all our resources (Anonymous Project Manager)
Some time ago I was asked if I could build a spreadsheet that would allow a team do better cost estimating by allowing all the sub-departments to enter their own information and then allow one central person to select the items required for a cost estimate, play with margins, etc. I had some experience in excel by building business cases for solutions to day to day field problems, but not quite enough to help to pull this off on my own. Being a veteran project manager I realized the way to get this done was to find the right talent for the job and utilize all my available resources. At the time my daughter, a bright 20 something year old who recently graduated from college and was currently working as an actuary was very proficient in excel for her work. I ran the idea past her at dinner and the next day she had a sample file that did almost all of what the team had requested. I reviewed it with the requester who wanted some modifications, I then took both the requester and my daughter to lunch for a final review and presto the job was done and the requester was trained on how to make further modifications as necessary. The requester was showing off this fine piece of work and indicated that I created this file for him, but the people around the office knew I could not have done such a fine piece of work in such a short amount of time. I indicated to the contrary, I absolutely did this work! 20 plus years ago I started the project by getting married, having children, spending all my available time and money on them for food, clothes, extracurricular activities and an education, and then being smart to find the right talent for the job and to utilize ALL my available resources.