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Videos - FAQ

PMI Bangalore Chapter recently upgraded the Website infrastructure. As part of this initiative, Videos of various Project Management events organized by the Chapter are being published on the Chapter website. In the initial phase, few videos are being published and efforts are in place to publish more and more videos. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by the visitors to the Website. 

Q1. I can see the webpage content. But I am not able to watch videos on the Bangalore Chapter Website?
One possible issue could be that Flash Player plugin may not have been installed on your system.

The second possible issue could be related to the browser you are using. We have had feedback that people has not faced issues in Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. There were stray incidents where some IE users are facing issues. You may want to try using other browsers to watch the videos.
Q2. How can I install the Flash Player plugin myself?
Flash Player plugin is a free software from Macromedia. You can go to the following URL and follow the simple steps listed over there to complete installation.
Q3. What Videos are made available on the website?
Videos related to some of the PM Footprints that are being held in 2012 are being currently posted. Only videos for which the Speakers of the session have authorized the chapter to publish the video has been posted. Efforts are in place to get more and more videos published on the Chapter website.
Q4. Who have access to the videos?
Videos related to PM Footprints are made available at the Members area of the Website. Active members of the Bangalore Chapter will have to login to the website to watch the video.
Q5. I am interested to watch the video. But, I am having difficutly to log-In to the members area.
Please check your membership status by clicking this link. Also, navigate to the Login FAQ page to resolve yourself any issues that you may be facing.
Q6. Whom do I report any issues that I face in watching the video on Chapter website?
Please email issues to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a detalied steps to reporoduce the error and additionaly a screen shot of the errors you see on the browser.