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Paper review process  
Review Process  
  1. We will follow blind referral process for reviewing the papers.
  2. Once a paper is received, the editorial committee decides the reviewer. Reviewers are selected on the basis of their knowledge and interest in the topic to be reviewed. The name of the author will not be disclosed to the reviewers.
  3. The paper is returned to the editors with reviewers' comments attached.
  4. Reviewers may recommend either major or minor changes before accepting the paper for publication/presentation. This may involve changing the length, clarifying expression, improving structure, changing some content or improving focus. A paper might be rejected outright or major revisions recommended i.e. a total rewrite.
  5. Reviewers follow guidelines set by the editorial committee.
  6. In case, the opinions of reviewers differ for a paper, a third opinion is sought and editorial committee decision is final.
  7. When a paper is returned after revision, it will be reviewed again.
  8. Once your paper is accepted for publication/presentation, it will be laid out, edited and proof read.
  9. Authors of accepted papers will receive one complimentary copy of conference souvenir.
  10. Note: Submit your paper proposal in time for it to be received by the submission deadline. If your paper proposal is received after the deadline, it will not be considered.
Broad Evaluation Guidelines  
  1. Relevance of the paper for the topics of the conference
  2. Substantiation of thoughts and ideas with the help of examples and case studies
  3. Does the title justify what is given in the paper?
  4. Has the paper been organized or structured properly?
  5. Has the idea of the paper been communicated clearly?
  6. Benefits and outcomes have been clearly spelt
  7. Has the scope of the paper clearly defined and does the content of the paper stick to it?
  8. Note: An ordinal scale from one to five will be used for evaluating each parameter.
Disclaimer: The parameters described above are indicative only. PMI Bangalore India Chapter has the right to change them without any notification.  
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