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Deep Self Awareness - How it can help at work

Venkatesh Seshadri 
Arisawake, Bangalore

6.30 PM to 8.00 PM


Royal Orchid Central Hotel,
47/1, Manipal Center,
Dickenson Road, Bangalore


Profile of Speaker:
Venkatesh Seshadri (Venky) is a former Director of Deutsche Bank Group and has 24+ years of Banking and Securities industry experience having worked earlier in Standard Chartered and Stock Holding Corporation of India. Venky has managed teams of 800+ in a multi-location and complex banking environment. He has led global programs for change. He has specialized in Global Pram Management, Cash Operations, Securities Services, FX and Money Markets on the Business / Operations side and on Six Sigma, Risk Management and Learning Development on the support side. Venky’s interest in Self Awareness and linkages to science and ancient wisdom, led him to investigate modern thinking as well. Venky is an Arbinger Facilitator, Certified Coach, and a Certified Trainer in Service Excellence.  He is Master of Commerce and a Cost Accountant. He coaches in a few companies and is passionate about liberating people and talent.
Topic Description:
‘Deep Self Awareness’ is something that usually does not catch our attention. Most people are self aware, but those few moments in a day that allow us access to deeper resources within ourselves seem to be making the big difference.  The ability to access this deeper resource within us is a corner stone of peak performance and using our potential and even furthering our own idea of it. Ancient wisdom offers a number of means and emotional mastery is one of these. Recovering from the turbulence of external impact, stepping back from dysfunctional states and nurturing the positive ones are the hallmarks of effective leaders. This presents snippets from ancient wisdom, invites discovery by participants and also the scientific means of measuring emotional mastery. 
Expected Take-away:
A scientific means of emotional mastery, the background of emotional mastery and a simple yet structured means of application.