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pmpc logo Guidelines to write a Technical Paper  
Editorial Guidelines:  
  1. Manuscripts must be submitted in English. 
  2. Accepted manuscripts are subject to editorial changes. 
  3. Authors must use Arial font and a font size of 10 
  4. The papers should not exceed 10 pages (exclusive of cover sheet) 
  5. Authors must submit articles in electronic format, as a Microsoft® Word document (Suggest you use latest version of Microsoft Word from office 2007) and upload it to the conference website. Articles sent over email will not be processed.
  6. Authors must submit the Author(s) Declaration From with the paper. (Download Form)
  7. For any queries, please write a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Certificate of Ownership  
The author is responsible for clearance from his/her organization as well as permission to reproduce any figure, table and text previously published by others. By submitting a manuscript, the author certifies that it is not under simultaneous consideration by any other publication; that neither the manuscript nor any portion of it is copyrighted; and that it has not been published elsewhere. Exceptions must be noted at the time of submission.
A certificate from the authors will be required.
Accepted papers will become the property of PMI Bangalore India Chapter. PMI Bangalore India Chapter will hold the copyright for papers accepted for publications and/or presentation.  
The length of submissions should not exceed 3,500 words or 12 pages (inclusive of cover table of contents etc).  
The figures, tables, charts, etc should be numbered in the paper and referred appropriately in the paper. Statements such as "see the figure below or above" etc., are to be avoided.  
Broad framework for presenting the paper  
Title of the Paper:  
Must reflect the essence of the paper; must be brief, descriptive and explicit  
Author(s) Name  
Not more than 250 words; it must clearly state the objective, scope and result of the paper, business value, key differentiator  
3-4 in numbers  
Contains the broad overview of the paper (no details); set the context for the paper
Main body of the paper should include headings, sub-headings, illustrations (to demonstrate results). More than 60% of the paper should be main body.
It should include:
- Examples, case studies
- Key challenges
- Methodology/process followed
- Critical success factor
- Quantified benefits to business
- Lessons learnt
All sources of information (artwork or otherwise) including full name, title (if applicable), address and phone number/Web page must be listed.  
At the end of the article, references must be arranged in alphabetical order of authors' surnames and chronologically for each author. The author's surname is placed first, followed by the year of publication in parentheses. For more details, refer MLA Handbook for Writing Research Papers  
[1] Ramanathan, P.T. Iyer, and Raj Sinha, "Article Title", Journal, Publisher, Location, Date, pp. 1-10.
[2] Lakshmi, Rajani, and E.F. Roberts, Book Title, Publisher, Location, Date.
Author(s) Profile  
It should also include address for postal communication, name of the organization, email address, photograph, phone and fax numbers.
Authors profile should be contained with in 100 words.
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