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What inspires me at Work
                                                                                                                      - Sharada Rao
It is really surprising that I haven't written about this until now as work seems to take up most of my priority.


Extroverted Leaders:


I really like a job where I can use my people skills to the most. I recall a session wherein I was told I am an extroverted leader; as in I love to work together with people that produced the best results for me. True. I usually start my day with a quick stand up meeting with most of my directs, and we generally keep it minimalistic and fun, whiteboarding top few asap issues and then quickly move on to good and great ideas, and terrible gaffes we'd all done the previous day. That to me is the best hour of the day.


Plain old Committers:


I really get inspired by folks who have a whole lot of passion for their daily operations. People who come in on time, who have razor sharp focus and follow up on action items, who put in the care and meticulous effort day after day to ensure delivery excellence to customer satisfaction. Such folks are the ones who make this world go around with their production and industry.


Forward Thinkers:


I like folks who constantly hone their skillset, who keep a constant eye on the industry; its mandates, its requisites in terms of forward and futuristic solutions. I do it myself and expect the same from my team and I love it if someone surprises my day with some proactive thoughtful work.


Risk Takers:


There is nothing in life which comes riskfree. If one is averse to sudden obstacles and keeps expecting things to fall in place without taking any calculated risks, they're really deal breakers. They will not go anywhere and will not let anyone else go anywhere.


Problem Solvers:


Have you ever noticed how some folks have droves of followers wherever they are? They are the networked ones who have Action in their agenda each and every day. They thrive on making stuff happen. These are the problem solvers. I love this kind of an associate and if I am lucky to have one such in my network, half my distance is covered already.


Some other attractive aspects of a Team that I like:


Lots of laughter, zest for life, seriousness at work, yen to win, love for execution and rationality.


Yes, I'm passionate about all of above!