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Faculty of PMP QUEST training Program

Our Faculty/SMEs/ Professionals handling the PMP QUEST training program are having immense industry experience and are practicing Project and Program Managers. They voluntarily come forward dedicating their time for sharing their knowledge and experience on Project Management and provide the latest information that helps the PMP Aspirants in successfully clearing their certification exam. Following are the panel enlisted as voluntary Faculty along with the details of their PMP credentials.

NamePMP NOPMP Earned DatePMP Expiration Date
Mr. Anand Lokhande 425290 11-Aug-2006 10-Aug-2016
Mr. Binod Maliel 292976 19-Sep-2005 18-Sep-2015
Mr. Basu Dutta 514114 24-Feb-2008  24-Feb-2021
Mr. Jitendra Kaushik 433486 05-Oct-2006 04-Oct-2016
Mr. L Shri Harsha 465652 02-May-2007 12-Apr-2014
Mr. M.S. Hiremath 324989 03-Apr-2006 02-Apr-2016
Mr. Manish Chandra 74980 29-Sep-2003 28-Sep-2016
Mr. Raghavan.S.S.V 37907 11-Sep-2001 10-Sep-2014
Mr. Raghunatha.K 81721 29-Dec-2003 28-Dec-2016
Mr. Rajasekhar Nandyala 269699 30-Aug-2005 29-Aug-2015
Mr. Satish Chandra 230280 01-Jun-2005 31-May-2015
Mr. Sridhar Krishna 450420 18-Jan-2007 17-Jan-2014
Mr. Srinivas Jayanth 316355 20-Jan-2006 19-Jan-2016
Mr. Subbaraya.M.N 245194 08-Aug-2005 07-Aug-2015
Mr. Sumanth Padival 450211 16-Jan-2007 15-Jan-2017
Mr. Vijay K Paul 442784 07-Dec-2006 06-Dec-2016
Mr. Vilas Kadival 231250 09-Jun-2005 08-Jun-2015
Mr. Vittal Vijayakumar 226840 04-May-2005 03-May-2015