PMI Bangalore India Chapter is proud to announce its 12th Annual Project Management Conference in Bengaluru. The focus of the conference this year will be "Architecting Project Management: For A New World Order.”

Over the last decade, the world is witnessing a radical and dramatic set of changes that significantly impact every aspect of life – social, political, business, technology, and environment. These changes range from technology disrupting business models, artificial intelligence, and automation taking over a sizeable chunk of work, start-up firms challenging established enterprises to leadership for the millennial workforce, focus on environmental sustainability amidst the world that does not seem to be flat anymore.

The simultaneous and forceful convergence have had an exponential global impact compared to similar past events. The combined effect is indicative of 'A New World Order.' This New World Order puts greater pressure on Business Leaders and Project Professionals to scale up significantly and continue to deliver value, guard market share, and outsmart competition by unifying Strategy, Technical Project Management, and Leadership.

PMPC 2017 aims to bring thought leaders, industry experts, and professionals on a great platform to discuss strategies to transform organizations, jointly visualize future technologies along with leadership alignment required to sustain and grow in this New World Order.


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The world is witnessing a radical and dramatic set of changes that significantly impact every aspect of life – social, political, business, technology, and environment as observed in:

  • The incredible pace at which technology is disrupting businesses
  • The enhanced adoption of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation
  • Start-Up organizations aggressively taking on the established players
  • The entry of the millennials into the workforce
  • A dire need for environmental sustainability
  • The world that does not seem to be flat anymore.

The above shifts are indicative of a New World Order!

The simultaneous and forceful convergence have had an exponential global impact compared to similar past events. This New World Order puts greater pressure on Business Leaders and Project Professionals to continue to deliver value, guard market share, outsmart competition by unifying Strategy, Technical Project Management, and Leadership.

We invite papers from project practitioners, experts, thought leaders and academicians to share their experiences, perspectives, insights, and research to any of the sub-themes below. You may note that the sub-themes are only indicative in nature and may accommodate other dimensions as well.

  1. Strategies to transform organizations
    a. Managing Stakeholder Expectations
    b. Competition vs. Collaboration Mindset
    c. Organizational Transformation
    d. Dealing with changed business equations
  2. Vision of future technologies
    a. Foreseeing and managing new technologies
    b. Optimizing Total Cost of Technology Ownership
    c. Technology Life Cycle Management
  3. Leadership challenges
    a. Intrapreneurship
    b. Entrepreneurship
    c. Millennial Workforce Management
    d. Redefining roles of HR
    e. Personal Transformation

PM Posters

The theme for PMPC 2017 is Architecting Project Management…For A New World Order, a world characterized by technology disrupting business models, artificial intelligence, automation, HR challenges for the Millennials along with environmental sustainability.

What do the above indicators mean to the small business enterprises, self-employed professionals or even practitioners? How do these stakeholders manage to successfully tide over the challenges posed by the New World Order?

Do you have unique, out-of-the-box and path-breaking ideas that you have devised? Have you been able to deploy these new-age ideas successfully? Are they scalable?

If yes, we would welcome you to showcase your thoughts, solutions, ideas at the PMPC 2017 Poster Program.

About the PM Poster Program

The PM Poster program was created by PMI Bangalore India Chapter in 2013 with the objective of providing a platform for showcasing unique ideas, solutions and services and of creating a unique learning experience for the participants. It is also our effort to promote entrepreneurship in Project Management profession.

The PM Poster Program is meant for Practitioners, Self-employed Professionals and Small Business Units engaged in delivering unique solutions and services in the area of Project Management. If you match any of these categories of professionals, please click on the link below to learn more and apply for a chance to present at PMPC 2017.


Over the last 11 years, blue chip companies from across a wide spectrum of industries have been our sponsors.
In fact, many of our sponsors in the previous years came back in the subsequent years because of the immense benefits they reaped.

If you wish to:

* Reach out to 800+ Project Managers, Senior Leaders, Influencers and Decision Makers
* Be a part of one of the most coveted Professional Conference in its 12th edition
* Associate with a 16+ years old PMI Chapter with more than 2600 members
* Support a not-for-profit endeavor for advocacy of Project/Program/Portfolio Management and Leadership

then, reach out to us at sponsorship@pmibangalorechapter.org to know about various opportunities.

PMPC 2017 - Conference Registrations

We are pleased to inform that the registrations for PMPC 2017. It is now open and will close by June 30th, 2017. Based on the response, PMI Bangalore Chapter may stop the registrations to the Conference and complimentary Special Master Classes before the last date without any notice.

Registration for the conference must be done online. We accept payment through Credit Cards (Visa and Master Card), Debit Cards and NetBanking accounts from major banks in India. On the spot registration facility is not available. There is also no facility for Individuals to register using cheques or other means of remittances.

The fee structure for the conference is shown below. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at helpdesk@pmibangalorechapter.org.

Complimentary Pre Conference Master Class

PMI Bangalore Chapter is also offering to delegates of PMPC 2017, a choice of one (1) complimentary pre-conference Master Class of 4 hours duration on July 20, 2017 between 9.30 AM and 4.30 PM. Delegates can exercise their choice to register for 1 of them. The three complimentary PM Enrich programs to choose from are:

  1. Workshop/Class - Every Problem is a Step towards the Future

    We all solve Problems on a daily basis - in fact, if it were not for problems to solve - most of us wouldn't have jobs. Problem solving is about moving from where we are to a new future. But how good are we at solving problems? Most of us tend to jump into a problem with both feet and seldom do much thinking or analysis before we start wrestling a problem to the ground. That’s not the best approach.

    In this workshop we'll look at some very simple, yet powerful ways, to approach a problem. We'll try and provide a few ways to sneak up on a solution, rather than charging at it. In short? How to think differently once we discover the old ways aren't working! Another way of looking at this? What we did yesterday - likely won't work tomorrow.

    The objective of the session is entice participants to think very differently about the ways we do things. You’ll leave with an understanding of a basic, and powerful, Problem Solving Methodology.

    Hear what Peter De Jager has to say about the conference and the topic:

    PMI Bangalore from Technobility Webinar Series on Vimeo.

  2. Technical Track - Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery through DevOps

    There are many analogies to the DevOps movement. With no standard or specification to certify against, it is essentially a way an enterprise embraces the culture of minimizing waste and delay in delivering value for the business, by deploying software in an almost continuous manner.

    In one sense, it is like any sport. The team prepares for a game and strategies using a playbook. While that is very good to prepare, some dynamic customization has to be done based on the context that may include the current playing form of opponent teams, ground conditions etc. But that alone does not deliver value to the spectators. What they would like to see is this preparation to be delivered on the field, as a win. Also, these strategies need to be continually reviewed and refined based on what happens during the game in the field. The cycle of continuous delivery of value – entertainment, in the case of sports – needs to cover aspects of the conceptualization, planning and preparing and extend to the production environment, the field.

    Similarly, in the world of IT solutions, the software is not the complete solution. While many delivery and operations teams have been improving their own productivity, organizations have struggled with inefficiency that creeps in at the interface points, before the users can use and derive benefit from the improvements or new features in the software.

    This workshop aims to give an insight to the participants on some of the basic tenants of this new way of integrating SW development to IT operations in an optimal way.

  3. Special Interest Group - Women Partners in Managing the New World Order

    "Women" Partners in Managing the New World Order

    The last decade has seen women standing shoulder to shoulder with men in all sectors and roles. While the debate on various topics related to gender diversity and equality are still on, organizations and project managers should start focusing on harnessing the strength of women in their teams. Diversity has and will continue to be the driving force behind businesses. This special session explores on the opportunities that exist in the workplace for engaging women effectively through a series of keynote addresses and a panel discussion. Men as leaders leading women in their teams, and, as team members on women leaders’ team, play a crucial role in bringing the best of women for organizational benefits. So don’t mistake this session as a “Women only” exclusive session. Men are also welcome for a mutually inclusive learning session.

Early bird delegates who have opted for a complimentary Master Class are allowed to attend any one of the Master Classes. Once registered for a specific Master Class, transferring the same to another delegate or request for change is not allowed.

Registration for the PM Enrich Master Class may be closed earlier than conference registration based on the number of seats available.

Registration Process and Fee structure

As per the Conference Registration policy, the fees are classified into three broad categories:

  1. Individual Delegates
  2. Corporate Delegates
  3. Delegates from PSU and Government departments

The fee details and registration process for above categories are described in the links provided below.

Organizer's Views

Srikanth P V

Conference PMO Leader

Dear Practitioner,

It is my great pleasure to announce the Project Management Practitioners' Conference 2017. The chapter has a decade of experience in organizing project management conferences, including the PMI India National Conference in 2011 and 2015. I'm sure that the learning's from the previous conferences coupled with the fresh ideas, passion and vision of our veteran team of passionate volunteers, will make this conference a wonderful experience for you.

As always, a lot of thinking has gone into arriving at the theme for this conference. In today's fast paced and turbulent business environment, sensing changes and responding with equal speed is proving to be a critical factor for success. Due to this fast pace of development and short-lived expectation of the market, the time available to respond to changes has drastically reduced. And hence, we thought "ARCHITECTING PROJECT MANAGEMENT for a new world order" is the most relevant and apt theme for the conference.

Our conferences have always drawn visionaries, industry leaders, policy-makers, thought leaders, and project management champions. We have always strived to meet delegate expectations in terms of the quality of speakers and discussions, as well as knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. This year, too, all efforts will go in to make it an enriching and enlightening experience for all stakeholders.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Srikanth P V
Conference PMO Leader


Convention Centre

Hosur Road, Lakkasandra,
Behind Bus Stop,
Karnataka 560029

+91 80 2699 5200