Login issues and FAQs

First-time Login StepsSignIn

  1. Username will be your PMI ID which consists of numeric characters. Example: 856501
  2. Members logging in for the first time will have to click on “Forgot Password” and generate a password themselves. During this process, the system will request for your email that you provided at the time of registration to become the member of PMI. An email will be sent to the registered email Id with a token.
  3. Generate the password by providing the token in the link that you get in your email.
  4. Login with the PMI ID and the new password you just generated in the steps mentioned above.

Login issues and FAQs

1. Who has access to member logins?

PMI Bangalore Chapter website has the member logins enabled. New or Renewing members who has paid the membership fees for PMI and additionaly chosen PMI Bangalore India Chapter as their home chapter will have access to the member login area of the website.

2. What is the frequency at which the member database gets updated?

The current schedule of updating the membership database is daily. New members who has registered as a member a day before will have access to the members area the following day.

3. Whom do I report any issues that I notice on the website?

Please email issues to webmaster@pmibangalorechapter.org with a detalied steps on how to reporoduce the error and screen shot of the error message.

4. How do I know if my membership with the chapter is current?

You can find a link for “Checking membership status” on the home page of the chapter website. You can provide your PMI ID and check the membership status yourself.