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During last month, we saw a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris which killed 130 innocent people. All responsible citizens from around the world looked petrified at this unfortunate shocking event. Facebook immediately came up with a French flag profile photo filter for Facebook users. The image of this French flag, was strewn all over Facebook. One record says some 26 million Facebook users added a blue, red, and white French flag filter to their Facebook profile photos in next few days to show their solidarity with victims of the terrorist attacks.

During September, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and PM Modi changed their profile photos on Facebook with tri color filter supporting Digital India launched by our PM. Changing profile photo to show solidarity with a certain event – is it a mere token gesture or expression of genuine feelings? Opinions may differ, but I would say when people echo the same concern even if it might look like a borderline symbolism, it still makes a lot of difference. We have seen cricketers showing their solidarity for certain events by wearing a black arm band. On 27 November, during the third test match between Australia and New Zealand at Adelaide, both teams wore black armbands to mark first anniversary of tragic death of Australian batsman Phillip Hughes. It highlighted the perils of facing a bouncer in cricket. These kind of show of solidarity matters. Media uses these gestures by people to highlight the event in right perspective. The very fact that people acknowledge the event by liking/disliking or changing a profile is itself an essential first step to fetch attention from organization or nation who can help the cause. Social media has become a new reality for expressing our opinion now. Social Media is there to stay and they are the reflections of how people are reacting to a certain event. We Project Managers can take advantage of this opportunity. We can do well by using social media to listen to this uninhibited voice of our customers. A strong positive or strong negative sentiment provides good clues to guide appropriate actions. Pushing our sales without engaging customers, or failing to respond to negative feedback expressed mostly in social media now a days – may damage our reputation. I am sure lot of companies have already started using this new platform. And if you haven’t, then this is the right time to jump into this new bandwagon to help course correcting your processes and products that will help address your customer concerns.

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