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Editor’s Note  
Dear Friends,
Greetings from the PMI Bangalore India Chapter!
It has been a great feeling to see the Project Management Practitioners’ Conference (PMPC) 2014, held during November 20-22nd was a grand success once again. It was a culmination of six months of intense planning, discussion, coordination and flawless execution. When we compiled the feedback from the delegates, it was very satisfying to see they have given very positive feedback about their experience at the conference. 
As you may know, the PMPC 2014 organizing team including myself, are volunteers at the PMI Bangalore Chapter and we volunteer our free time to organize this complex PMPC project. Getting positive feedback from delegates provides us with an immense sense of satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment from job well done.
Volunteering for Chapter activities including PMPC often teaches us how to work in an informal setting, how to respect each other opinion and still get the work done as per the plan in a timebound manner. Through volunteering work we can soon begin to see that the true joy in life is not for pleasing ourselves, but in pleasing and serving others. Volunteering work, reinforces the point that the best results are produced when we work out of passion and not out of compulsion. Team member’s commitment is the strongest, when the commitment is made not out of some external force, but out of their love to deliver the best output to make the team win. We all are different. What you consider well or right, may not be perceived the same way by others. This might lead to some feelings that you are not heard or respected enough. One thing volunteers learn here is how to communicate their point of view in a logical way to get buy in from other team members. Only if you are prepared, done your homework well, you will be able to get across your point of view and implement things that you feel is right for the Chapter. This trains your influencing and presentation skills as well.
Passionate, dedicated and selfless volunteers are cornerstone of all successful Chapter Events. PMI Bangalore Chapter is really fortunate to have volunteers who puts forth their best effort to juggle their professional, personal and Chapter work to give the necessary confidence to stand strong and take bigger projects to drive the vision of the Chapter to promote Project Management in our community. I could not resist but provide this inspirational quote meant by Volunteers like us.
“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless” – Sherry Anderson
Thanks and Best Wishes,
Soumen De, PMP
Editorial Board
Murali Santhanam, PMP
Namita Gupta, PMP, PMI-ACP
Shikha Vaidh, PMP, PMI-ACP
Soumen De, PMP
Vittal Vijayakumar, PMP