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Managing Positive Attitude by Project Managers

By – A.K. Manjunatha, PMP
Project Managers always aims at having the project completed successfully within defined goals. One of the important parameter in the course of achieving this is having the positive attitude throughout the project journey.
Lets look into the details of this parameter “Positive Attitude”. “The Attitude”, by definition means manner of carrying oneself or a state of mind or feeling, or an arrogant or hostile state of mind. Attitude plays a major role for the Project Managers. If we look into the depth of the “attitude”, we can see it comes from lot of factors to a person which are mentioned in the figure 1.
If you want to know your attitude, just ask yourself below questions,
How is your behavior with your team members?
How are you reacting in front of your colleagues?
How is your behavior with your boss?
How is your behavior with your customer?
Also, attitude needs to be maintained positively all the time, at all the situations especially when we are handling the projects.
Next, let’s see what are the positive attitudes a Project Manager should have? This is given in Figure 2.
The most important attitude the Project Manager should have is the 3 P’s which are – Passion, Persistence and Patience..

1. Passion – By definition passion suggests living the facts with energy and positive attitude. A Project Manager should have a Passion to carry out the project at all the times successfully.


2. Persistence – Indicates not to lose hopes at first time. Project Manager should have the persistent attitude when she wants to convey her idea to the team members during the tough times and also look for the arguments to convince others. Project Manager should also know the team members attitude to influence them positively.


3. Patience – This means to be calm all the times. Project Manager’s main job is to guide the team to achieve the goals. It’s not easy to handle the multiple cross functional teams to achieve the project goals but it is not impossible. It takes time and we need to have the patience. One more important point to understand patience also has a limit and PM can take a call when to escalate.


In order to have the positive attitude, Project Manager should always acknowledged that the things will not happen as planned. Below are the few simple steps that can be followed.


If something is not going good as per the plan in project, look for what we have learnt, in order to avoid repeating same mistake again.


If something failed in project, don’t focus on people, analyze what happened. Never stop, move forward and continue to learn.


Always be in the company of optimistic professionals.


To summarize, Project Manager’s “attitude” is the corner stone for the project success. Also it’s important that without any positive attitude, it is not possible to manage a project properly. Always control your attitude and don’t focus on failures. Learn from the failures and look for opportunities to make the project successful.