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Project Management – an Art, an Attitude or a Methodology

By – Namita Gupta, PMP, PMI-ACP

In today’s advance and fast paced IT world, Project Managers play a pivotal role in successful execution of projects. Though we have different certification for Project Management, still we grapple with the mystery of how can one be successful in this field. There are some of us who are not certified but are very successful, there are few who are certified but still not successful and there are few who are successful as well as certified. How can one say what is the mantra behind it?


While it is true that certification gives a modulation to thoughts of a person, who is new to this field, its very important to experience the on-job challenges to learn and become a seasoned professional. Its also very important to have a right attitude with team working for you. Quite often, your project has to handle non-technical challenges hence it is very important to have empathy for your team members.


I could feel that even though we have personal and professional lives, for a PM, its very important to treat team and environment at work place as “Work Family where senior management is like our elders at home, fellow colleagues are kins and cousins and the team members are our own kids.


This is a very high level representation of this professional relationship world or “Work Family”. I have seen many Project Manager and senior Project Managers who are very successful are very adept in the way they handle “Work Family”. They treat them with the same level of empathy they show toward their family members. May be horizons of work family and personal family are different, but they essentially show the same kind of emotions because at the end of the day they all are humans. Humankind respond to these behaviors and emotions very well.


This art and attitude describes the famous quote “The P in PM is as much People management as as it is about Project Management”.