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PMPC 2014

Capt. L. N. Prasad, PMI Bangalore India Chapter
Sanitation – Focus India On 21st November 2014 (Day 2), Mr. Gopal B Shete, Advisory Project Manager – IT Infrastructure, IBM, started his session by emphasizing on the need of sanitation around us. He brought out the human resistance to change which is making it even more tougher to implement sanitation on field. His analysis like we have “more mobile users than the people using toilets” was an eye opener. Health issues specially with kids has to be addressed by innovative initiatives in this field was his request
Attaining e-Governance through Social Change Mr. E. S. Srivathsa, Senior Project Manager, NIIT Technologies Ltd., addressed the audience how egovernance can help and reduce corruption. He mentioned that India stand 3rd in world in tobacco production. He took this as case study and unfolded how full business flow, starting from grading tobacco leaves can be done through e-gadgets without any human intervention. He also mentioned that operational challenges has to be worked out for successful social change.
Transformation, “Within and Without” On 22nd November 2014 (Day 3) Mr. Dinesh Madhavan, Director, Healthcare Services, Health Care Global, addressed to audience on cancer as a disease which can be fought back. He shared statement quoted by one cancer patient saying “tablets has expiry not humans, I will fight and get back”. He shared inspirational videos from patients who had survived the battle of cancer.
Sharing Best Practices – India’s First Interstate Heart Transplant
Mr. Harish Manian, Director, Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai shared his experience of interstate heart transplant which was successfully executed by his hospital. He explained how they planned the full execution and how at the last moment they had to switched from plan A to plan B. He compiled the session by sharing his learnings from this experience i.e. communicate & empower, invest in people and continue to look out for new opportunities and challenges.
Valedictory Address – Effective Solid Waste Management – Reality or Myth
Dr. Hoysala N Chanakya, Chief Research Scientist, Centre for Sustainable Technologies, IISc, Bangalore started his session quoting the attitude of us towards waste is “My garbage is your problem”. He added that biggest challenge is to change the attitude towards urban solid waste. He also unfolded some facts like 75% of the waste that is produced by us is food waste. He shared his project at a puja event in one famous temple where they implemented innovative ideas to eliminate plastic usage for effectively managing the waste. Example of Bellary as 0% waste city was really inspiring for Bangalore crowd to hear and probably implement in future.
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Transforming Children’s Lives through a system for Child Sponsorship

Mr. Paramu Kurumathur, Principal Consultant, PM Power Consulting enlightened the audience by explaining how a good project management system can be a boon for children who need sponsorships and help. He explained how this system acted like a bridge between needy children and donors. 24×7 support around the world to map right donors with right needs of children was really impressive.